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Teaching Kids about Money with DIY Money Jars

Americans in total owe $11.68 trillion in debt (according to here). That’s crazy! We need to train the next generation to get out of debt.

My parents did a great job of trying to teach me about money as I was growing up, but I sure wish I knew more and managed my money better.  I am grateful for all they taught me and hope to teach my children the value of money.

When my daughter’s piggy bank was unexpectedly broken recently, we decided to be a little more money wise with her rather than just saving.  Because even the Bible talks about not just saving our money but using it wisely to make it grow (Matthew 25:14-28), and at the same time not serving money as a master (Matthew 6:24).

I wanted to teach my daughter how to give the first fruits of her money to God and to others. Thus we created a “Give” jar.  She contributes to this jar first.  She then has a “Save” jar which is used for saving and making investments for growth.  She also has a “Spend” jar in which she contributes to last.

I look forward to teaching her more in depth and with more complexity about money as time goes on but being only 2, this is a great place for us to start.

Here’s what we did…And again, we used supplies we already had around the house (teaching the value of conserving money by recycling).

Supplies Needed

  • Glass jars
  • Food Coloring
  • Mod Podge
  • Various craft supplies

1. Add tablespoon of mod podge, 1/2 tbs of water and about 5 drops of food color

2. Swirl it around in the jar till covered and then flip upside down and let liquid run out

3. After about 30 min put them on wax paper in the oven on warm for 10 min.

4. Remove from oven and let continue to dry.

5. We painted the lids too with just acrylic craft paint

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