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Stories of Rising Moms: How the Small Things Matter with Danielle Tylke

Stories of Rising Moms: How the Small Things Matter

Stories of Rising Moms: How the Small Things Matter with Danielle TylkeSome of my favorite episodes in this podcast are the stories of rising moms. I looooove hearing stories of amazing women who transformed their lives from struggling to thriving!

One of them is Danielle. She sought help and resources when she felt stuck in the constant loop of frustration and irritation in her motherhood. And now, she’s one of the calmest moms in the Rising Moms Club. How did she do it?

The Small Steps Towards Big Goals

One of the things that I emphasize in my courses is finding ways to make oneself feel better without spending a lot of money, time, and energy. It’s all about maintaining those small, achievable shifts that make huge positive changes in your life. This is what Danielle was able to do, and now she’s one of those inspiring moms who encourage others to do the same.

We tend to over look the small things thinking that they’re insignificant. But in contrast, they largely impact our moods and our lives in general. For example, what seemingly is a minor (but frequent) irritation with our kids can damage our relationship. Especially when it builds up over time. But the simple act of seeing the good in our children everyday and talking to them calmly can work wonders in the relationship. And there’s a lot of other daily examples where small things matter! (See also: The secret to avoiding power struggles with kids.)

Join Danielle and I in this episode to know how the small things impact our lives, and how we can use it to our advantage!

Other life-changing stuff in this episode…

  • The power of positive thinking
  • Simple ways to reframe your mind
  • The importance of having concrete, intentional goals
  • Easy and calming self-care tips
  • Small shifts you can do towards a positive life

“Your small acts as a mom can make a huge impact to your family.” 

-Danielle Tylke

Do not underestimate your impact as a mom!  Start your journey towards a calmer, positive life through Your Life Clutterfree.

Meet Danielle

Danielle is a mother of 2 teenage boys and a math teacher at her old High School. She also oversees the service learning program at her school as well as teaches students personal and professional skills. As her oldest is already a Junior in High School, she is trying to refocus her energy and enjoy the time she has with her family.

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