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Understanding the Mom Wine Culture with Camille Kinzler -113

Understanding the Mom Wine Culture with Camille Kinzler

Understanding the Mom Wine Culture with Camille Kinzler -113

Mom wine culture is a normalized lifestyle among moms that is often not seen as a point of concern. Unless there’s a health issue at hand, it seems pretty harmless, right? And don’t moms deserve this luxurious break?

Is it to relax or to numb?

Drinking wine is not a problem, but habitually doing it to escape our daily stresses makes it so. It has become a common coping mechanism of moms in dealing with life. Because after a full day of working and tending to the needs of our family, we get that instant chill through the alcohol. And it taste good! (See also: what mom self-care really looks like.)

Similarly, people find ways to numb themselves out. Others do it by scrolling through their phones, eating more sugar, watching TV, drinking alcohol, etc. But the problem with depending on instant gratification, we paralyze our ability to find adequate coping strategies in the face of challenges!

But you don’t have to shame yourself for it, mama! It’s EASY to get caught up in these habits that aren’t serving us. We have to recognize that these addictive things were created so we want more of them. And it’s understandable that bad habits are hard to break, but it’s possible. You just first have to be aware of it so you can start to take small little shifts towards new healthy habits.

Join Camille and I in this episode to hear more about mom wine culture, changing our habits and more!

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • How to track our vices
  • How social media further develops mom wine culture
  • Alternative healthy “breaks” you can do
  • The biggest mistake women make
  • The importance of intentionality with taking a break

“We have to be aware of what we consume as habitual beings.”

-Camille Kinzler

Confidently stepping out of a habit doesn’t mean you’re running away from something. But rather, you’re running towards something (better). And the most beautiful thing about removing these numbing devices is that we get to know ourselves and trust ourselves again. So take that first step! The world needs us rising women to be in our full clarity and power!

Meet Camille

Camille Kinzler is an alcohol-free lifestyle/habits expert with a Master’s in Science and Physician Assistant (PA) Studies. She is passionate about helping women create the life they choose through BEing more and DOing less. She also specializes in helping women explore whether alcohol or other over-doing vices is serving them. We are a society of over-achievers, and self-proclaimed perfectionists! It’s time to BE or and Do less.

Through 1:1 and small group coaching via phone and video conferencing, Camille guides women in 30-60-100 day exploration around their vices through the BE more, Do Less Method. This isn’t about quitting your vices cold turkey, it’s about expanding your awareness not limiting it. In addition to her private coaching practice, she is a physician assistant who specializes in root-cause medicine. She has also worked in urgent care and family practice for over 11 years. Camille draws on her medical education, as well as her training as a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, and certified life and recovery (from all vices) coach to help women discover the root cause of their habit. She ultimately helps women create a life they don’t want to numb.


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