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How to Gain more Happiness with Kim Strobel -112

How to Gain More Happiness with Kim Strobel

Have you ever had those moments where you felt immense panic and anxiety even if you’re NOT in a life and death situation? And you frequently ask yourself what’s wrong with you and why it’s happening? Or maybe the tremendous guilt and thought of not being good enough? 

Our Step Towards Healing

How to Gain more Happiness with Kim Strobel -112You are not alone. Now with the pandemic, more and more people are experiencing this mental health crisis. And Happiness Coach Kim had struggled with panic attacks and crippling fear herself. But guess what? She was able to overcome it by taking first that painful step towards healing! (Note: healing is not linear)

What does this mean for you? It means that there is hope in reclaiming your happiness. And along with therapy and medication, there is actually some tricks to train your mind to overcome anxiety and lean towards the positive!

In the study of positive psychology, every person has a “happiness baseline.” It determines one’s level of inclination towards happiness. And for each person, the levels of happiness go above and below the baseline based on triggers. For example, it can go above the baseline when we receive a gift, and it can go below when we lose someone.  But it will always reset back to the baseline after a certain period of time. So now we know that the brain actually has a way to bounce back! (See also: how to find motivation?)

Some may have higher happiness baseline, some may have lower— determined by our genetics, external circumstances, and more. But the bottomline is, we can increase it for up to 40%!

Tune in to this episode to discover science-backed tips on how to increase our happiness baseline! 

Other life-changing stuff in this episode…

  • How parenthood affects the baseline happiness
  • What having panic and anxiety disorder is like
  • Tricks to develop self-care habits when you struggle with consistency
  • Steps to overcome mental health issues, including where to start in therapy and resources
  • Learning to be friends with your fear and use it to your advantage

“Part of reclaiming joy is allowing yourself to have joy, and be more than just a role.” -Kim Strobel

We’ve all had some dark times and bad experiences happen to us. But you don’t have to settle where you’re at. You can take care of you, nurture, and cultivate yourself when you allow it. So ask yourself, “will I allow those bad experiences to dictate the trajectory of my life and worth?”

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Meet Kim

Kim dedicated her professional life to supporting educators and professionals in gaining happiness in their work and personal lives. So in Strobel Education, they help educators and corporate professionals replace the feelings of stress, defeat, and discouragement. And change it with the energy, empowerment, and enjoyment for the profession and for life.

They also provide strategies, resources, and professional development to take ownership of your profession. They prioritize your happiness and the outcomes you’re trying to reach.

Recommended books:

Rewire Your Anxious Brain by Catherine M. Pittman

Mastery of Your Anxiety and Worry by  Michelle G. Craske and David H. Barlow 


Facebook: @strobeleducation

Facebook group: She Finds Joy

Instagram: @kimstrobeljoy

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