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How to give gifts when decluttering -111

How to Navigate and Communicate Gift-giving when Decluttering

Towards a Clutter-free Life

Last week, we talked about how to get others on board with decluttering. In today’s episode, I’ll answer another question that frequently comes up: how do we navigate gift-giving when decluttering? Even more, how do we communicate what we want to our friends and extended family?How to Navigate and Communicate Gift-giving when Decluttering -111

Before we begin, I want you to know that I too looooove gifts and celebrations. They are wonderful experiences that make us, and our loved ones happy, right? Especially if gift-giving is your love language! And despite this, I still manage to keep a clutter-free lifestyle.

So drop the idea that you have to miss out on all of that fun when you are trying to live a clutter-free life. You don’t have to let go of gifts in order to lessen the clutter. Because it’s all about moderation and proper communication.

If you are the one giving the gift, you might want to consider how practical the gift will be for the person. Usefulness is a wonderful quality for a gift!

Join me in this episode as I share more tips on gift-giving in the middle of simple living!

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • how to communicate what we want to our extended family
  • alternative suggestions for clutter-free gifts
  • the importance of listing down functional gifts that you need
  • gift ideas for clutter-free holidays
  • how a clutter-free lifestyle actually upgrades your celebrations

“In a clutter-free lifestyle, there should be a balance of inflow and outflow of stuff that we have.” -Renae Fieck

Give yourself the grace to fully enjoy celebrations while also bringing deeper intention to why we’re doing the gift-giving. Are you buying it because they need/want it? Or are you buying it out of obligation?

If you have more questions about decluttering, simple living, mom life, and more, just send us a message! Join the community of amazing moms, too at the Rising Moms Club.

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