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Why Letting Go of Hustle and Embracing Slow Can Change Everything with Hiddy Fletcher -64

Why Letting Go of Hustle and Embracing Slow Can Change Everything with Hiddy Fletcher -64

How to Move Forward: Slow Down

When we think of “slowing down,” we often think that it is counterproductive. And even difficult to do as busy moms because our endless to do lists are keeping us from slowing down. We also face our ‘mom guilts’ for taking some time off for ourselves. Most especially, we find ‘busy’ as an excuse to make ourselves feel worthy, but we’re really just masking our focus and our flow. Because when we say we’re “busy,” we try to find our worth by the number of things we accomplish instead of feeling worthy of who we are as an individual. And when we slow down, we are oftentimes forced to face our harsh realities we avoid to confront.Why Letting Go of Hustle and Embracing Slow Can Change Everything with Hiddy Fletcher -64

If you truly care for yourself and your loved ones, you have to debunk the negative myths about slowing down, now. In this episode, we will show you why it is the best thing you could do to reach your goals.

Hiddy Fletcher, a digital educator and minimalist mom, is here to share with us some lessons on how slowing down can propel you forward in life. (Check out how to stop getting in your own way.)

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • How can slowing down help us move forward and get over anxiety
  • Restarting your life at 40
  • Overcoming guilt of slowing down/ taking rest
  • What “slowing down” really looks like
  • Tips/Rituals to slow down (especially as an achiever/doer)

We can change our lives if that is what we truly intentionally want. But we first have to slow down, because slowing down means giving yourself the space to get into your core and realign to what you really want.

“Have trust in the process of life” -Hiddy Fletcher

Meet Hiddy

Hiddy is a digital educator, minimalist, mum and overcomer. She teaches women how to self love, simplify and slow down while achieving more than ever before! She has travelled the globe as an educator for 20+ years. Hiddy is an Australian country girl at heart and lives on a bush property on the East Coast of Australia close to Byron Bay. There she rides horses, renovates her little house, and creates life-changing digital courses to help women banish busy and overwhelm.

Hiddy’s key message to modern women and busy mums is to believe in hope, and the power that is within all of us to create a meaningful & successful life on our own terms— regardless of our journey so far. She believes that the power of hope comes from the power of knowing our purpose & mission in life. Aligning ourselves to our purpose & mission in the world is about filling oneself up (or like filling up one’s own own cup!).


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