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Mom Hacks to an Organized Home with Kristi Clover

Mom Hacks to an Organized Home with Kristi Clover- 051

Mom Hacks to an Organized Home with Kristi CloverKeeping the Important Stuff in Place

Are you one of those moms who still have a lot of stuff in their home despite decluttering? Like, there’s just so much stuff that your family needs to keep. And I understand that. But that doesn’t mean we can just let those things be there and deal with the chaos.

And that is why I invited Kristi clover, a home organizing expert, in this podcast so she could share with us how to keep our stuff in place and organized! Like me, Kristi also believes that moms need grace and that’s why she started to share with fellow moms her tips and hacks for organizing our homes. (See also Why Grace Looks Amazing on You.)

“But I am not an organized person no matter how much I try!”

As moms, organization is one of the most difficult things to maintain. But in this episode we will tell you that you don’t have to be naturally organized in order to maintain organization at your home. It is totally achievable by only having the right tools.

cleaner homeOther life changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • Hacks for organizing messy but important stuff like paper files
  • Finding the right tools and systems for organization
  • How you could maintain organization (that doesn’t just last for a few weeks!)
  • Guiding and motivating your kids to take responsibility
  • Keeping it simple in organizing

Remember that you don’t have to be organized in order have a clean space, because organization is being more efficient and systematizing what you do. Like decluttering, there is a way to organize simply that it gives us the peace and time we need.

“Organization does not have to be perfection” – Kristi Clover

Meet Kristi

Kristi resides in San Diego and is married for 22 years, a mom of 2 homeschooling kids, and is a home organizing expert. She considers herself a down-to-earth writer and energetic speaker that loves sharing her adventures, tips, and motherhood in the simplyjoyfulpodcast.


IG: kristiclover

Youtube: kristiclover

Grab her book M.O.M: Master of Organizing Mayhem

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