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How Linda's Birth Experience Helped Her Align With Her Values and How You Can Too with Linda Schwartz -65

How Linda’s Birth Experience Helped Her Align With Her Values and How You Can Too with Linda Schwartz -65

Your Birth Experience Belongs to You

You just learned that you’re having a baby. Now you’re excited and nervous and conscious of the process and the new motherhood life that awaits you. You look for all the information you can find, and finally find a birth experience that you prefer. But people around you have different opinions about it, and now you’re pulled away from your personal preference and into many different opinions. (Check out the in’s and out’s of people pleasing.)

How Linda's Birth Experience Helped Her Align With Her Values and How You Can Too with Linda Schwartz -65

This is the experience of some moms, like podcast hosts Linda Schwartz and I, who chose to do home births. There will be a lot of opinions about your birthing and motherhood choices from many different people, especially if you’re a new mom.

Mama, it is okay to listen, but it matters that you listen most to what feels right for you, and then stick with it.

Other life-changing stuff you will learn from this episode…

  • What to expect from birthing class/education
  • Pregnant after 30
  • Choosing home birth/other birthing options
  • How you can be steadfast with your decisions despite other people’s opinions
  • Communicating your own unique preference to others
  • Navigating around the experience of “mama brain”

Remember that you have to build a boundary around your own energy from the influence of others. Be wise in choosing who you want to share your life choices with, and find support to solidify your decisions.

“What you choose for yourself is valuable.” -Linda Schwartz

Meet Linda

Linda is a new mom, a commercial actor, and stand up comedian. She is the host of “She Said’ Comedy podcast, dedicated to empowering and educating women who are pursuing a career in comedy. She lives in San Diego area, where she shares her story about balancing motherhood, business, and the changes that happen when we become moms. Linda helps moms in balancing new roles, dreams, visions, and passions all at the same time. She does all of this while respecting those boundaries that we have set for us with regards to our priorities.


Instagram: sheshedcomedy

Facebook: @sheshedcomedysd

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