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Check In Questions During Times of Uncertainty

Check In Questions During Times of Uncertainty

Gosh, what do you do??

What do you do when you feel like your facing unknown and uncertainty and aren’t sure what to do or where to go?

Right now, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, there is plenty of unknowns and uncertainties. But the reality is, we’ll be faced with unknown and uncertainty throughout our lives.

The questions we ask, the thoughts we have, and the actions we take will determine the path we take. These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself daily. And I’ve included some of my favorite hacks for each question.

How am I caring for my body?


    1. We’be been ordering Shakeology and Daily Sunshine so that we all have healthy easy snacks each day.
    2. Making sure you get some sort of movement. Hands down, I love Beachbody on Demand. And honestly, I’ve been loving the Barre Blend because not only is it a fun workout, but she’s so full of positive and inspiring thoughts (which is what I need to be surrounded with right now).

How am I caring for those around me?

mom and daughter playing

    1. Getting movement is essential. Cosmic Kids YogaGoNoodle, and Beachbody Kids are all great resources
    2. Utilize calming music throughout the day can help increase homework focus and decrease fighting
    3. Use a flexible routine. Consistency can help the kids find a rhythm but don’t do it to the extent that it stresses you or them out.
    4. My friend Katie at Kitchen Stewardship has an awesome course that’s helping get kiddos in the kitchen. I don’t know about you, but my kids have been loving helping with new kitchen activities.

How am I fueling my mind?

meditating mom

    1. Asking yourself questions such as, How can this obstacle or challenge become my opportunity? 
    2. What can I learn and how can I grow from this experience?
    3. (Tune into this podcast episode to understand what questions you NEED to be asking yourself!) The Questions You Need to Be Asking During Uncertain or Challenging Times (Solo episode) -62
    4. Implement a meditation practice. Calm and Headspace are both great resources for meditation. Or check out this one for calming worry and anxiety on the Rising Moms Podcast.

How can I show up as my best self?

relaxing mom

    1. Do something that’s going to make you feel good. Light a candle, paint your nails, diffuse essential oils. Whatever it may be. Make your home feel warm, inviting, and somewhere you enjoy. Check out 50 ways to get self care here.
    2. Decluttering your home can help you stay sane each and every single day.
    3. Get into nature. Even if that just means opening your balcony window and putting your face outside.

Am I surrounded by others who are helping me focus on the opportunity or am I surrounded by people focused on fear and the obstacle/challenge itself?

moms hang out

    1. Surround yourself around other people who are full of hope, inspiration, and encouragement rather than fear. The Rising Moms Club has some pretty awesome women who will keep you grounded and feeling amazing and you can join in with us for the next 2 weeks for only $1.

In line with using the Rise Above Method, how can I delegate and off load tasks that are not a part of my core priorities right now?

mom doing grocery

  1. Ordering household cleaning supplies from Young Living
  2. We’ve been receiving a bi-weekly box of produce (and extra goodies) from Imperfect Produce (this link gives you $10 free) for a long time. In recent weeks, we’ve just increased the number of items to meet our needs without going to the grocery store.
  3. A month or so ago, I got a flyer in the mail for Purple Carrot and decided to try it out. Our first box came the first week we were quarantined so it was perfect timing. It’s been so nice and easy not to have to worry about planning or getting ingredients for these meals and they’ve been delish!
  4. We’ve been ordering other groceries we need from Amazon Fresh, immunity stuff such as elderberries, and household stuff from Amazon as well.
  5. We’ve ordered takeout from a few of our fave local restaurants to support our small business friends (and we plan to buy gift cards to people such as our hair stylist, pet groomer, etc. to be used when we aren’t all quarantined)
  6. PS- When you’re shopping online, be sure to use Rakuten to get cash back when you shop online.




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