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Why We Need to Stop Saying Things are Hard Right Now

Why We Need to Stop Saying Things are Hard Right Now -66

Don’t Focus on the ‘Hard’

Why We Need to Stop Saying Things are Hard Right Now -66At this time, things have been difficult and different for all of us. It feels like day to day things are shifting and we’re just rolling with the punches. I recorded this episode to give you a streak of hope that yes, at these trying times, we can still find the good.

I know each of us are in different situations, and are having a hard time. But let me tell you this: no matter the situation, focusing so much on what’s ‘hard’ is dangerous.

“What we focus on is what we see more of.” 

If you keep telling yourself the situation has been hard, it’s going to keep being hard for you. But if you can cultivate a grateful attitude, you’re going to see more of that!

So instead of focusing on what’s ‘hard’ in your situation, why not see the opportunities we can gain? (Check out what you need to know during challenging and uncertain times.)

Other life-changing stuff you will learn from this episode…

  • Ideas on how to find opportunities in loss
  • Things we can be grateful for in our current situation
  • What you can adjust in your family routine for your personal development
  • Why slowing down is important at this time
  • Using this time to realign yourself to your values and what matters to you
  • Using “social distancing’ to your advantage

Whenever we experience change and growth, most of the time it requires breaking down the old to build up something new. Highlight where your intention is being placed because our mindset is everything. What you put into your mind is going to break or make you in this season.

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  • Helen Hayes

    Yes, yes, yes! I have changed my mindset for this whole past week as well as realigning my core values in life and I can say I am so much more contented, I feel more productive and I am just enjoying the opportunity to slow down and spend time with my children.

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