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Turning Up the Fun Volume with Allison Carter -146

Turning Up the Fun Volume with Allison Carter

Turning Up the Fun Volume with Allison Carter -146When you anticipate becoming a mom, you start creating this vision of how are you going to be like. And most of us imagine a fun, sweet, and loving mom life… until we become actual moms.

It’s common for us moms to talk about our struggles (or even compete who has it worse.) And it makes our situation heavier because we magnify the difficult part. So how about we talk about the fun stuff that we have with our kids? Because if you realize you have few of those fun stuff, then it’s time to add some whim to your parenting. (See also: how to talk about money with your kids.)

Why should fun be a priority

We can’t deny that when everything piles up and it gets overwhelming, the “fun” part is the first one we let go. So in motherhood, it’s good to find ways to automate and delegate as much as you can. Try to leave room for the fun part of mom life!

Because when you intentionally develop those fun and light moments with your kids, you build a stronger relationship together. It will be easier for you to like them too (we love our kids for sure, but we don’t always like them. And it’s difficult to build a connection because of that.)

But when you take the time to bond and watch the things they love doing, liking and spending more time with them will be easier

Understand that your kids want you. You can give them a pencil and they can be happy. But if you sit down and draw, talk, and bond with them, they will not only be happier, but their behavior positively changes too.

Plus, playing with your kids is beneficial for your mental and emotional health if you just learn to loosen up and absorb the fun!

Join me and Allison for this fun episode for more ideas on how we can turn that volume up in motherhood!

mom funOther life-changing lessons in this episode…

  • Practical tips to give time for fun when you’re busy
  • Fun activities to do with your kids
  • Importance of splitting parenting with your partner
  • How to make the little moments more memorable
  • Setting the groundwork to build the type of family you want

“Be someone that your kids want to hang out with even when they grow up.” – Allison Carter

mom fun

It’s difficult to have fun because we are always caught in the everyday rut of parenting. But it is possible when we make it a priority and become intentional with having a lighthearted parenting. Because kids remember the fun times with you!


Meet Allison

Allison Carter is a Seattle mom of two and believes that every occasion, big or small, deserves to be celebrated. As the founder and CEO of Allison Carter Celebrates, she helps make busy mom’s lives easier and way more fun. Especially when it comes to celebrating special occasions and holidays. Her Memories in Moments podcast has served thousands of families around the world. The podcast helps families turn up the volume on life’s little moments to create beautiful, lasting memories. Her monthly subscription box is called Memories in Moments: Unwrapped. And she brings the celebration straight to your door with holiday themed crafts and activities planned, prepped and done for you. Allison and her business has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart, Buzzfeed, Real Simple, and more!



Facebook: Allison Carter Celebrates

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