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Recreating Your Identity as a Mom of Special Needs Kids with Norrine Russell

Recreating Your Identity as a Mom of Special Needs Kids with Dr. Norrine Russell

It’s a common notion among moms to say that navigating motherhood with ‘no handbook’ is the struggle with mom life. So can you imagine moms whose children have special needs? (Check out how to get your kids to sleep.)

Recreating Your Identity as a Mom of Special Needs Kids with Norrine Russell

What it Takes to be a Supermom

As a coach with two atypical children, Norrine emphasized that in raising a kid with special needs, you have to have a great team: school, medical professional, parenting coach/consultant. Because your child is wired differently. So it’s important to have someone who could guide or help you. It’s not enough to just have a method of parenting, but you also need a whole system that supports you and your child.

And for you to take care of yourself as a mom, you have to be okay with where you’re at. It’s okay to be messy. Being unafraid of your vulnerability helps other people to step into their own too. And some part of the burden is lifted when you let go of trying to meet other people’s expectations— especially when you have a different experience than the ‘typical’ mom life!

And being in a “mess” doesn’t mean you can’t thrive. Because you can! Your creativity and resilience come out when you’re challenged. So accept that your mom life will be a bit more challenging with an atypical child. Allow yourself to grieve, then reemerge from that, and that’s when you can start to create your identity and own your narrative.

“Keep a list of the things you love about your children and the ways that they have brought out your best.” – Norrine Russell

Join me and Norrine in this episode for a step-by-step guide on how you can create your identity as a mom of kids with special needs!

Other life-changing lessons in this episode…

  • Being a “mother” to a child with depression
  • How to stay connected to an atypical child
  • Finding a cohort with the same challenges as you
  • How to find support/resources as a mom with atypical child
  • The importance of community in navigating mom life

I can’t emphasize enough how helpful it is to have a guide who gets you, especially if you feel alone in your experience. Remember that you’re not alone in trying to figure this out. You only have to search relentlessly. Because there will always be some group of people who have similar experiences as you. So keep going and find your supportive community!

Meet Norrine

Dr. Norrine Russell began Russell Coaching for Students in 2009, and it is now a premier national coaching practice for middle school through college students with students across the US and Canada. Her passion for providing support to frustrated students and weary parents is fueled by her own experience of raising two complex children who are both neurologically atypical (her children’s diagnoses include autism, mood disorders, ADHD, giftedness, and learning differences). And Dr. Russell knows firsthand the exhaustion parents face as they day in and day out seek solutions for their out-of-the-box children. The entire team at Russell Coaching is committed to supporting the psychological wellbeing, education, and family life of their clients.


LinkedIn: Norrine Russell

Facebook: Russell Coaching and Consulting

Instagram: @russellcoachingllc

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