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4 Steps to Getting Your Shit Together with Renae Fieck

4 Steps to Getting your Shit Together with Renae Fieck

4 Steps to Getting Your Shit Together with Renae Fieck

How do you get it together?

One of the questions that popped up when I ask what do the audience want to hear in the podcast is, “how do you get your shit together?” And as a mom, I know many could relate to that question. Especially if you’re the one who juggles too many things and it feels like nothing is coming to fruition. But it’s also not about how much you have on your list/plate. Because somebody with a simple calendar can still feel that way. (See how you can get more done in less time.)

Having it ‘together’ means feeling calm, confident, and capable as a mom. And working with a lot of women for so many years helped me to create a framework where women can manage their tasks and still show up at their best for their families. So I’m going to share with you the…

Four key ingredients in the Rising Moms 2.0:

1. Getting Clarity

2. Alignment

  • Understanding how you’re body is running, what season you’re in, and your capacity. Then aligning your goals and tasks accordingly.

3. Focus

  • Creating the habits you need to get you closer to what you want to achieve.

4. Belief

Hop on to this episode and let’s talk about these steps to help you get your shit together!

get shit togetherOther life-changing lessons in this episode…

  • Creating your vision
  • Figuring out your body’s “seasons”
  • Beliefs that hold you back
  • Task management tips when you’re a doer
  • More resources to help you get it together

“So much of what we focus on is what grows.” -Renae Fieck

To have it all together, you need to be aligned and rising. And so much of what I do is helping moms do just that. I feel so fulfilled seeing my clients get back up, achieve their goals, and most of all, be happier. So if you need help with any of these steps or in following through these things, don’t hesitate to join us at the Rising Moms 2.0! And if you want very personal, supportive, detailed advice, don’t hesitate to email or DM me for a consultation. I am here to support you! 

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