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Are We Addicted to Busy? with Renae Fieck -117

Are We Addicted to Busy?

“I’m Busy.”

How many times have you said this phrase to anyone, including yourself?

Are We Addicted to Busy? with Renae Fieck -117Whether you’re using it as an excuse or you’re just plain unavailable, it’s apparent that many of us have almost defined our lives around being busy. Why do we default to “busy,” anyway?

I know many can relate to what I have struggled with. Being still or doing nothing is incredibly uncomfortable. Especially if you are a doer or an achiever, slowing down can even cause a physiological reaction. For example, the simple act of sitting down can already trigger your anxiety and intense guilt!

Our present culture has ingrained upon us that we must always push ourselves to become “productive,” to the point where we should prioritize it over our own well-being. But, do we always have to be productive? We have grown so accustomed to hustle culture, that we have deprived ourselves of the skill to take care of ourselves and others. So much so that taking a rest or being at the present moment becomes challenging.

What’s the problem with it?

The thing is, we don’t just sacrifice our (physical, mental, and emotional) health by being constantly busy. We also lose our identity. Our busyness distracts us from realizing who we are, what we want, and what we truly value. Sometimes we even attach our sense of self-worth to our productivity, when we are already valuable enough as a person!

Join me in this episode as I share necessary insights about being “busy,” and why we should let go of it!

addicted to busyOther life-changing lessons in this episode…

  • Recognizing when busy becomes an unhealthy addiction
  • How busyness ruins relationships
  • Figuring out our reasons for being busy
  • The consequences of busy to mom life
  • Tips to balance responsibilities with slowing down
  • Letting go vs. organizing

“Busyness is distracting you from the life that you deserve.” -Renae Fieck

In the Rising Moms Club, we make a habit of identifying our core priorities. We help each other identify what matters most to each of us so that we can build our lives around those priorities, and let go of the rest. And I want you to do the same as you listen to this episode. I want you to stop for a while, let go of the busy, and reflect on your values.

If you need help with letting go of busyness, you are soooo welcome to the Rising Moms Club. It’s so amazing to connect with women from different parts of the world. In the community, we have created this sense of relief, where everyone can be their authentic selves, dismiss perfection, and just feel comforted and encouraged by other fellow moms. We would love to welcome you to the group!

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