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How to Build Confidence with Jessica Peterson -116

How to Build Confidence with Jessica Peterson

In the last week, we talked about the importance of taking action no matter how messy it would get. In today’s episode, we will highlight another key factor in life that go together with taking action: building confidence.How to Build Confidence with Jessica Peterson -116

Now before we dive in, I want you to throw away your misconception that you have to be confident first before taking any step towards your goals. Because motivational coach Jessica will share with us that confidence is not something we acquire immediately. But rather, we build it along the way.

Confidence comes over time

We are often afraid to start something because we think we are not good enough. But the thing is, nobody gets good at something without actually practicing it. Thus, it’s only natural that people don’t have enough confidence when they take the first step. It’s also normal to make a lot of mistakes in the beginning; even do embarrassing stuff! (See also how to speak up authentically.)

But here’s the good part— the more you figure out how to do it, the more confidence you gain! Through consistent practice, you will eventually reach the level of ‘good’ you aim to reach. The important thing is to keep going. This also means taking into account that your personal goals are important too, along with your other responsibilities (especially as a mom.) So you have to prioritize the tasks needed to achieve what you want. 

“Building confidence is being committed to oneself.” -Jessica Peterson

Join Jessica and I as we share more tips to building your confidence and attaining your goals!

Other life-changing lessons in this episode…

  • What is imposter syndrome and how it ruins your confidence
  • How to build a routine around your goal
  • The formula to keep moving
  • Tips to overcome our fear of judgment
  • Why sharing ourselves dispels the feeling of shame
  • Helpful mindset shifts to love yourself more

So much of our potential and dreams are left untouched because of our fears. So to build confidence, show up for yourself every day. Do small little things that help you towards your goals, and commit to those steps. You build something over time, not overnight.

Meet Jessica

Jessica is a motivational success coach. After years of struggling with mom guilt and feeling like she lost herself, she jumped into entrepreneurship and found her passions again. She realized that when she invests in herself, not only does her business thrive but her family does too. Jessica is investing in a better life for her family and business. Building a successful business has been the best self-development journey. She worked through her own mindset blocks and is now passionate about teaching other mothers how to be successful without sacrifice and guilt.

Her mission is to empower mompreneurs to work through their limiting beliefs, mom guilt, and bring motivation, clarity, and confidence that supports them in creating their dreams.


Instagram: @jessicabritepeterson

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