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How to Speak Up Authentically with Jess O’Connell

How to Speak Up Authentically with Jess O’Connell

Overcoming Inauthenticity

As women, we often find it difficult to be our authentic selves in front of other people. There are so many different factors as to why we find ourselves doing this. First, speaking up for ourselves is one of the things that generations of women have struggled with. We are still in the process of changing the culture of expecting women to just, “sit down and be quiet”. Second, we often lose a part of ourselves once we enter motherhood. We become so focused on raising our children that we often forget to figure ourselves out. Third, and most importantly, we innately want to be loved and accepted. And speaking up authentically means possibly risking being judged. We are afraid to say something different from other people because we so deeply want to be accepted. (See also how pleasing others affects your life.)

How to Speak Up Authentically with Jess O’ConnellIt’s important to take note of these things so you can know what needs to change in order to live out your authentic self. It’s difficult, I know, because it’s scary not to ‘belong’, right? But it’s draining your energy and happiness more than anything else! We tend to jump into whatever it is we think that will make us accepted, even if it is not in alignment with who we are. (Check out how you can love yourself and your image.)

That is why I invited Jess, an online course strategist, to give us some pieces of advice on how we can speak up authentically and why we should start doing it now!

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • Finding out and holding onto our convictions
  • The differences of being ready and being prepared
  • Overcoming crab mentality
  • How you can inspire and empower others
  • What “influencer” really means
  • The amazing ripple effect of being yourself

“You empower others by being your authentic self.” -Jess O’Connell

Remember that you are enough and you are wonderful. The people around you, especially your children, deserves to see your light!

Meet Jess

Jess is an online course strategist and coach helping online coaches and course creators stand out online for being themselves, creating their own signature methodology and magnetic messaging.


Facebook: @jess.oconnell_

Instagram: @jess.oconnell_

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