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In's & Out's of People Pleasing with Daniela Giangiorgi

In’s & Out’s of People Pleasing with Daniela Giangiorgi- 043

In's & Out's of People Pleasing with Daniela GiangiorgiAre you one of those people who finds it hard to assert one’s own preferences and likes? Or saying ‘no’ to others? Maybe it’s the validation you receive. Maybe it’s the fear. But whatever our inner drive is for overly pleasing others, we all know it is exhausting.

I get it. As people pleasers, we often forget our boundaries because of different fears. And we struggle with empowering ourselves to profess what we want. But would you wish to live a life that you chose, or what others had wanted of you? (Check out our episode on Balancing Momlife with Your Heart’s Dreams.)

Displeasing Ourselves in the Process

My friend Daniela, a motivational speaker, shares with us eye-opening insights on people pleasing and how it deeply affects our lives. With her interesting story of how her chronic people pleasing lead to her marriage to a narcissist AND breast cancer, Daniela gives us pieces of important life advice that we all need to hear. Because many of us are sharing the struggle with fear of judgment from self-expression. And especially us moms where we are expected to care for everyone else. But Daniela believes that that in motherhood, there’s a win-win; one in which you can feel self-fulfilled as a woman and still be present and connected as a joyful mother. You can have self-care, hobbies, and careers and still be the mother that you want.

We all have a voice. And I firmly believe that being able to step into your own potential, is when you truly become happy and fulfilled. And there’s this amazing ripple effect when we step into our own space and voice— because we empower other people around us to do that as well. I see so many times women cutting each other down especially on social media and that’s why I looove this episode. And you will hear Daniela and I highlight the importance of empowering ourselves and others.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • How people pleasing can harm many areas of your life (including your health!)
  • Knowing the boundaries of giving oneself to others
  • The difference between people pleasing that is unhealthy versus people pleasing that is life-giving
  • The importance of teaching our kids to express themselves
  • Stepping into your own potential despite fears (using fear as a guide, and not a hinder for growth)
  • Understanding and asserting your OWN likes and preferences

“You’re going to be truly fulfilled when you honor yourself” -Daniela Giangiorgi


It IS possible to give to others without compromising our needs. We will achieve a healthy life balance when we learn to define our boundaries, and also in being honest with other people. Because you’re going to be truly fulfilled when you honor yourself— no matter what stage of motherhood you’re going through.

Meet Daniela

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