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The Key to Letting Go of Judgement with Renae Fieck -104

The Key to Letting Go of Judgement

The Key to Letting Go of Judgement with Renae Fieck -104

So how’s the New Year’s resolutions going? Are you thriving with it? Having a hard time? Feeling stuck? If you are in the latter, here’s probably the reason why.

Fear of other people’s judgement

Most of the time, we are not creating or pursuing our goals because of our fear of judgement. We are afraid of what other people might say about us when we do this or that. And yes, we often try our best not to ‘care’ about those things, but it’s admittedly hard!

So, how do we make it possible to let go of this fear of judgement from other people?

One of the key things is to be aware that people will ALWAYS judge you. No matter what you do, no matter how much you try to please others, there’s always someone who will judge you. We need to accept that we cannot control what everyone thinks about us.

BUT we can control how far those judgements can affect us. Join me in this episode to learn more on how we can filter what matters to us and overcome the fear of judgement! (See also how to speak up authentically.)

“When you have a solid core value of what matters to you, it’s easy to let go of other people’s judgement.” -Renae Fieck

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • How fear of judgement affects other areas of your life
  • How you should perceive other people’s judgement
  • Why understanding and knowing yourself matters
  • Letting go of personal guilt
  • How this fear gets in the way of your decluttering journey

Can you imagine the exciting ideas and things that you could do when you are not bounded by limiting fears? What if the world needs you to step up and be that light? If you are constantly faced with fear, ask yourself, “what is living in this fear of judgement of other people costing me?”

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