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The Secret to Avoiding Power Struggles with Kids with Wendy Snyder -105

The Secret to Avoiding Power Struggles with Kids with Wendy Snyder

The Secret to Avoiding Power Struggles with Kids with Wendy Snyder -105Aside from the clutter, busy schedules, and budgeting, one major challenge of motherhood that gets us pulling out hairs is the power struggles with our kids. It’s common for us to engage in fights with our children when there’s disagreement and disobedience, especially if you have strong-willed kids. It’s frustrating!

But of course, we only want what we think is best for our children. And mama, here’s some good news: There’s actually a secret on how to avoid the power struggles.

How do we get kids to listen without pushing them back?

First, we have to accept that our children have minds of their own. We need to see them as designed specifically unique, rather than seeing them as “broken”. This way, we can let go of the need to “fix” them. And the sooner you let go of the belief that you can or should control your kids, the easier parenting gets.

As parents, we may ask ourselves, “do we want to control our kids, or teach them to control themselves?” Because we remove their ability to learn self-control if we impose our own control upon them. We need to practice cooperation rather than imposition when dealing with our kids.

Join Wendy and I in this episode as we tackle some common struggles on how we can parent our children. (See also creating purpose within your parenting.)

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • How to repair relationship with kids after things get messy
  • What is connection-seeking misbehavior
  • Avoiding revenge in the relationship
  • Effective ideas on how to make children cooperate
  • The importance of communicating our emotions
  • Common mistakes parents do during power struggles

“Misbehavior equals communication.” -Wendy Snyder

Parenting is easier if our goal is to connect and understand our children rather than mold them into how we want them to be. Not only do we develop our connection with our kids, we also develop our personal growth along with them!

Meet Wendy

Wendy Snyder is a Positive Parenting educator, family life coach & advocate. And she is certified in Redirecting Children’s Behavior & The Joy of Parenting Program. Wendy founded her online business, Fresh Start Family. This is so she could spread the message of positive parenting across the world. She is also the developer of a variety of online positive parenting courses (The Foundations Course, Jesus Guided Parenting, and her brand new course The Firm & Kind Parenting Blueprint.) And also has a monthly membership program to further support families. Wendy helps families parent with great purpose and intention by creating healthy, respectful & cooperative relationships.


Facebook: @freshstartfamily 

Instagram: @freshstartwendy

Get her FREE guide to raising strong-willed kids here!

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