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Overcoming Procrastination with Christine Li

Overcoming Procrastination with Christine Li

The Familiar Struggle

Procrastination has many faces. It could look like shame, guilt, isolation, not taking care of one’s health, and it can even look like perfectionism (functioning well yet constantly comparing yourself to other people and feeling like you’re not good enough.) Plus, are you one of those who are motivated, but don’t have the system, mindset, or action steps in place to make your goals happen… so you procrastinate?

Indeed, everyone is familiar with procrastination. And for some people, it’s no longer just a phase but a chronic suffering. But in most cases, a person can tweak or shift their procrastination with a few methods.

“Forgive yourself. The goal is always to do better next time.”

– Christine Li

One of the most basic things you could do is to believe in yourself. It may sound cliche, but it is crucial in overcoming procrastination. That’s why setting intention is sooo important. Always set FIRST your vision, or what you’re wishing for, or what you want your space to look like. Don’t let your belief system of how you’re created be the only thing that’s in the picture. So start with your visions then create small steps.

Overcoming Procrastination with Christine Li

Seem like easier said than done? Here’s another tip:

When you’re struggling with managing what’s going on with your mind, therapy and coaching is worth the investment. But if you’re not ready to go on that road, Christine recommends the 4 Fs to loosen up our system:

  • Forgiveness. Until you forgive yourself, you’re going to keep battling yourself. The goal is always to do better next time.
  • Figuring out what you’re afraid of. A lot of fear comes up as you step closer to making something happen  (i.e., fear of falling flat, not looking good,..etc.) Once you figure them out, let it out, label them, and write them down. The fear may still linger, but always remember why you have to keep going anyway.
  • Find your focus. Decide what you’re going to do. Most of the time we are all over the place because we’re not clear with what we want out of life.
  • Flow. Whether or not you have reached your destination, develop a habit of practice. When you try to love something, you build consistency around it.

Hop on to this episode for more insightful advice to overcome procrastination!

procrastinationOther life-changing lessons in this episode…

  • How to shut off inner criticism
  • Conserving your energy
  • The importance of recognizing your flow
  • Overcoming procrastination in your mom life
  • Dreaming big for yourself

As long as it’s not yet clinical, changing mindset is difficult, but it can be done. Just try it while also acknowledging your ‘flow.’ And take those cues when there is something exciting and meaningful for you rather than saying that it’s not just for you.


Meet Christine

Dr. Christine Li is a clinical psychologist in private practice in New York City and is also known for her work as the “Procrastination Coach” online. Her Procrastination Coach blog is one of the top blogs in the world on the topic of procrastination. She is helping thousands overcome the procrastination habit and get crystal clear on what needs to be done, so they can get into action fast and achieve their goals.


Dr. Li released her new book called, “5-Minute Self-Discipline Exercises: Stay Motivated, Cultivate Good Habits, and Achieve Your Goals.” It is a compilation of her best strategies set inside an engaging workbook format. Listen to Dr. Li’s brand new podcast Make Time for Success for inspiration for creating a life of joy, productivity, and abundance.


Facebook group: The Procrastination Coach

Instagram: Procrastination Coach

Podcast: Make Time for Success with Dr. Christine Li

Get her One Page Personal Plan and a list of prompts to develop greater kindness towards self!

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