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Eliminating the Mom Guilt with Michelle Hagen -129

Eliminating the Mom Guilt with Michelle Hagen

Eliminating the Mom Guilt with Michelle Hagen -129

Mom guilt is a common negative feeling amongst moms, especially the busy ones who have other things to care about aside from their children. But instead of letting mom guilt weigh us down, we can make it a point of reflection so we can overcome it.

The many faces of mom guilt

Mom guilt is multi-faceted. It can stem from a lot of different things. Most of the time, it’s the thought that we’re not providing enough for our children. It could also be caused by postpartum depression. You may even feel guilt for being a different mom from when you had your first child to how you are as a mom now with other kids. 

Another thing that brings us mom guilt (that we often overlook) is how we were raised by our own moms. We feel that our children should experience the good things we’ve experienced, not realizing that the times have changed and that we are our own unique mom too.

The thing is, most of the mom guilt comes from comparison and unnecessary expectations. So it’s important to ask ourselves, ‘where is the guilt coming from?’ Do I live up to the standards that I myself may not want to live up to? (ex: being a Pinterest mom.) Is it pressure from the expectations of others? Or do I really want my child to experience this or that?

That’s why we have to set our own standards for ourselves. Recognize what is fulfilling right now, or what we are capable of doing in this season. But most importantly, we have to do things that fulfill us outside of motherhood.

Join me and Michelle to find out how we can eliminate mom guilt!

Other life-changing lessons in this episode…

  • Why we need to do the things that fulfill us
  • Tips for scheduling your tasks
  • Alternative activities for kids during the pandemic
  • Mind trick for overcoming postpartum guilt
  • Self-care ideas you can do with your kids to minimize guilt

“As moms, we should do the things that fulfill us aside from keeping everyone around us alive.” – Michelle Hagan

We want our kids to remember us as someone who has a life outside of motherhood. Because it would show our kids that they could do the things that they want or chase their dreams. But above all, it helps us become the best version of ourselves.

Meet Michelle

Michelle Hagen is the host of Living Your Calling Podcast and is a business strategy and sales mentor. She has a deep passion for encouraging people to step into what they are being called to do in each season of life. She also believes that our callings don’t always need to be big sometimes it’s the smallest things that can change our lives. Michelle is all about community, connections, and coffee!

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