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The Two Roads of Mom Guilt with Renae Fieck -130

How to Stop Mom Guilt

Mom Guilt in a Different Lens

It’s common for moms to have dreams that they want to pursue, or at least just have some rest days with no kids, but we feel guilty splitting the time dedicated to our kids. We feel like we should be with them for almost 100% of our time in order to be a ‘good’ mom. (Check out how you can get more time at the Time to Thrive Masterclass. Discover time-saving hacks using biorhythms and effective task management tips!)

So many moms feel this way. But today we’ll talk about mom guilt a little bit differently. Mom guilt is not all that bad. Now I know, nobody likes the way we feel when mom guilt kicks in. I’ve been there, and nobody’s immune to it.

But what if we see mom guilt as an indicator that something needs to change? Like a sign that we need to be doing something different, something’s not aligning with us, or that we need to reprioritize?

The Two Roads of Mom Guilt with Renae Fieck -130

So when mom guilt kicks in and you start to feel that pit in your stomach, you have two roads to choose from:

1. The road to shame. You feel ashamed for not being good enough and you see ‘inadequacy’ as part of your identity. If so, I suggest you seek out a mentor.

2. The road to shifting gears. You see it as a signal that something needs to shift. And we do this by rewriting our stories.

Making an effort to make yourself feel better is going to make you the mom that your kids want you to be, and the person that you want to be. So if that would mean some time away from the kids, do it. They’d be happier to bond with the happier, more patient, best version of you.

“As a mom, taking the time off for yourself means you show up better for your family.” – Renae Fieck

Join me in this episode to know more tips on how we can use mom guilt to our advantage!

Life-changing lessons in this episode…

  • How to rewrite your story as a mom
  • The many benefits of taking time for yourself
  • How a mentor/guide helps you reshape your thinking
  • Rest day ideas to avoid mom guilt
  • Resources for when you feel down

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