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Your Body After Baby with Amy Sosville- 025

Your bodies are completely different after you’ve had a baby. Join us as we dive into talking about how we should love our bodies, care for our bodies, and “get it back” after we’ve had a baby.

Amy’s Story

After having babies, let’s just say things weren’t quite the same as they were pre-baby. On those first few runs, it was obvious things were different.  The exercises and things she had done pre-baby were no longer serving her body in the way they once had.  This is what set her on a journey of becoming an expert on healing the postpartum body.

Exercise is Just the Beginning

While exercise was the first step in “getting back the postpartum body,” Amy quickly realized that healing the postpartum body is far more complex. Food, nutrition, sleep, stress managment, mindset, and more are key to healing the human body.  After you’ve had a baby, your hormones are rattled, your body has been stretched, and things change.  You have to look at healing your body in this holistic way. Exercise and “getting your abs back” is just a single component to healing your postpartum body.

Recognize the Beauty in Your Body

It’s vital for you to begin to fall in love with your mom bod.  There’s no need to “go back.” Your body post partum isn’t inferior to the body you had pre-baby. It’s different for sure.  When you begin to recognize the beauty in your new body, it will begin to change everything.

Understand Balance

Sleep will always trump exercise.

Mom life can be stressful. Mom’s don’t need to expend energy trying to figure out what they can do for themselves. You’ll hear people say over and over that moms need self care, yet finding the time and figuring out what to do can be exhausting.

Sometimes motherhood can feel lonely or  like we’re TMI. We need to offer more vulnerability with other moms about what we’re going through.  When we open up with our friends, it begins to normalize what we’re going through.

The Number One Thing

Stop that negative self talk voice.  Setting that positive self talk at the beginning of the day sets the tone for your whole day. You need to continue speaking in a positive way.  The more often you do it, the more likely you are to change the chemistry of your brain.

Your mindset is going to be the primary kickstarter in creating change in your life and then all the other pieces will begin to fall into place.

Neuro synapses and neurotransmitters in your brain actually change the more often you use them. So the more often you have positive thoughts and affirmations, the stronger those pathways will get.

When You Need to Heal Your Body

When you’ve had a baby, your abdominals have changed. And let’s be honest…many other areas have too. You can utilize breath patterns to help regain your pelvic floor and abdominals. You need to heal your muscles before you focus on “getting back a 6 pack.”

It’s not all about losing the baby weight.

“Pregnancy isn’t a typical weight loss situation.”

-Amy Sosville

We need to shift our focus to wellness rather than focusing solely on the weight.

Our bodies are actually incredibly powerful and can heal, but we can help guide the process

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Your Body After Baby with Amy Sosville

Meet  Amy

“I am a stay-at-home mom with three kids and I struggled to get back in shape after my pregnancies. In response, I am the creator of the Bodies After Baby exercise technique and programs that help moms all over the world. It’s my job to help you fall in love with your mombody and it’s so much easier now that you have the BAB roadmap. Moms are different and we deserve better programs.”


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