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How Risk Taking and Intuition Shapes Your Success Story with Nicole Tsong

There are 2 majors that can guide our decisions in business.

  1. Logic– This is the numbers, data, facts, ads, leads, etc.
  2. Intuition– This is that inner knowing and gut feeling that guides what’s best for you even when it doesn’t make logical sense.

So how do you know when to listen to which?

How you know if it’s actually your intuition or could it be in fact fear guiding you the wrong way?

“We have to clear away so many blocks around our worth and our identity, because once you can get through those blocks, that’s when you can start to tune into who you really are, and then live a life where you feel really expressed.” Nicole Tsong

Check out this related podcast episode: Tapping Into Your Intuition In Business

When you dive into this episode you will discover the answer of how to use your intuition in your business so that you can defy all logic in your results.

Also, insider this podcast episode, Nicole and I discussed:

    • Tapping into intuition and what that means for you as you become a feminine leader
    • How intuition can help you navigate the societal pressures of what you “should be” doing and instead guide you to inner wisdom that is going to get the results you’re striving for
    • Why trusting intuition is the secret sauce to scaling your business

Meet Nicole

Nicole Tsong is a former journalist turned bestselling author , podcast host and work-life balance expert who helps high-achieving career women unlock their intuition and discover their purpose. The founder of Nicole Tsong Coaching, she reached hundreds of thousands of readers as the former Fit for Life columnist for The Seattle Times.

For 3 years, she taught yoga at the White House Easter Egg Roll during the Obama administration, and she has been featured on national television as well as in Seattle, Washington D.C., Sacramento and Honolulu.

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