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The One Word You Need to Remove from Your Vocab with Stephanie Bagley

The One Word You Need to Remove from Your Vocab with Stephanie Bagley- 045

As moms we often feel guilty that being a ‘mom’ is all we’re supposed to be. For example, we feel ashamed for going out there to do our passion projects and sending our child to daycare for some time. If you are that go-getter mom, it is especially difficult for you to be stay-at-home— which we are all thought to be when we enter motherhood. We’re not allowing ourselves to create the person who we wanted to be and we often feel stuck.

The One Word You Need to Remove from Your Vocab with Stephanie Bagley

Entrepreneur mom Stephanie found it ridiculous to believe that we just exist to give birth and nurture a child. Because we are meant to be more. (For more tips on how to start your passion, check out the episode You Were Made for More.)We are often conflicted between two worlds: the world where we live a life of what’s expected of us versus the life of how we wanted to live. BUT we COULD live both worlds at once. And it’s gonna look way different than you ever thought they would look. And it will be good.

In this podcast, Stephanie tells us that ONE word that we should eliminate in our vocabulary to change our lives for the better. Take note: it only takes one word!

Other life-changing stuff you’ll learn in this episode…

  • Stephanie’s awesome story (and insights) on how she got back up from depression during motherhood
  • Why we need to go through the process of grieving and questioning our lives
  • That one word you need to eliminate in your vocabulary so you could gain confidence, focus, and self-love.
  • Three steps to help you eliminate that negating word (including how to find that ‘power’ word you need!)
  • How impactful our self-development is for the growth and development of our kids too


Not because you’re a mom, you have to put the things your passionate about in the back burner. Because disregarding that part of you also affects how you are as a mom, wife, friend..etc. Go on that journey and figure out your purpose so that you could give that space to your kids, your family, and other women around you.

“When we don’t create the person we wanted to be, we feel stuck.”

-Stephanie Bagley

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie serves creative and multi-passionate entrepreneurs and teaching them how to create a personal brand. She found that most entrepreneurs struggle on how to brand themselves, what idea to focus on, and constantly asks themselves, “where do I even start?” She has a podcast called “The Dream Makers Podcast” and a step by step brand course that helps entrepreneurs create a personal brand that’s cohesive, showcases their expertise that attract their ideal clients so they can focus on what they love and grow their business.

IG: stephanieannbagley


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