5 Day Retreat Designed to Cultivate Feminine leaders



The retreat for women who know that hustling your way to succes just isn’t going to work anymore. 

You desire a new way to do businesss. 

One that taps into your inner magnetism and aligns with your feminine rhythms allowing you to 

expand beyond your wildest dreams with ease and create an overflow of abundance in you life.

September 20-24, 2024 – Malibu, CA

For the woman…

Ready to expand your business from your feminine magnetism so you can ditch the hustle, tap into your flow, and receive more abundance.


You weren’t made to do business like men. It’s about time for you to align with your divine feminine nature and welcome the flow of expansion that’s headed your way. 


You are ready for MORE. You were made to have it all. The impact driven business. The dream life. The flow and balance. It’s all possible and it’s time to say YES!

Embrace your Body, Expand your magnetism

Others may prioritize trainings, and conferences, but visionary feminine leaders understand the power of investing in transformative experiences.

There are two things most successful business owners have in common.


They seek out experiences that restore, inspire, and empower them so that they can focus on the visionionary tasks of their biz and work ON their biz instead of IN it.


They surround themselves with other successful women to get inspiration from and collaborate with because they know you become like the people you spend the most time with.

And I don’t need to tell you…that in order for you to achieve similar results you need to model what other successful female biz owners have done. 


Which means when you intentionally put yourself in the room with other successful biz owners and seek experiences that allow you to feel inspired and empowered you’ll…

show up in your business excited and ready, 

get out of the daily busy work and implement your 7-figure vision, 

and finally see the breakthrough year you’re desiring.

I expected to work on my business. Instead I saw how to be the CEO of my business instead of just an employee.
It is a wonderful opportunity to work on yourself and decide who you want to BE in your business.

-Michelle Query

It's time to break the mold and lead from the front


Each intentional experience is woven together with the perfect blend of restoration and action, the balance of both the feminine and masculine energy, designed to help you break out of your box and transcend into a higher level version of you.

Through experiential exercises, business breakthrough hot seats, deep healing breathwork sessions, transformational hiking experiences, sacred ceremonies and more you will reinvigorate your energy, spark your wildest creativity, and amplify your feminine power so that you can lead your business to your next breakthrough without hustling or force.



Join us for 5 days, 4 nights (September 20-24, 2024) in Malibu, CA

What’s included:

  • Your relaxing room with expansive outdoor spaces for your pleasure 
  • Delicious mouthwatering food and drinks that will leave you begging for more
  • Speakers, workshops, and exclusive experiences designed to blow your mind!

So basically we’ve got you covered! All you have to do is sit back, enjoy the weekend, and be ready for the expansion of your life.


You weren't made to build your business like a man.
It's time to you lead like a woman.

Be open to the experience and ready for some amazing breakthroughs! 
You won’t regret giving yourself this gift to nourish your body and soul.
This retreat checked all the boxes, truly. So fun to be nurtured in every way… the pretty house, the amazing food, the meditations, hikes, friendships, business work…it was so good!

-Jille Dunsmore

Life & Body Coach

your perfect weekend away

Each day at the Amplify Retreat is filled with the perfect blend of actionable biz strategies, collaboration, relaxation, and transformational experiences. 

This is an example of what each day may look like…

Day 1

Each guest arrives to our retreat center

Delicious snacks and drinks served by our Private Chef

Opening intention setting ceremony

Day 2

Morning hike experience & heart opening Cacao Ceremony

Cold plunge (or other expansive experience)

Business hot seats and networking

Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs breathwork session

Celebratory dinner experience

tea ceremony
amplify retreat

Day 3

Tea Ceremony and Meditation

1:1 Business breakthrough sessions

Hotseats, Collaboration, and Integration 

Activating your Inner Magnetism breathwork session

Restoration time


Day 4

Tea Ceremony and Meditation

Silent Morning experience

Leave with a month of social content in our Social Media Creation Workshop

Transformational Breathwork

Day 5

Restorative Morning

Everyone says “see ya soon” and leaves with a reinvigorated biz plan, activated inner magnetism, and new business best friends

Here’s Your daily experience

*This schedule subject to change.


Sunrise Breathwork Session








Business Hot Seats


Integration & Self Reflection/Leisure Time


Evening Breathwork Session

 7 pm


What Others Have Said

"I came because I was noticing repeated patterns that kept me stuck in my business and wanted clarity in my offer and how to move forward. Which I totally got.

Each woman brought so much expertise and to have access to each woman was amazing."
Millie Barra
Energy Healer for Moms
"I definitely gained strategy and plans for my business but more than that I gained the tools to actually move it forward.

All of the transformational experiences opened me up to actually integrate the business strategies"
Katie Rolak
Business Integrator
"I came because I wanted to advance my business with a feminine twist.

The activities were unexpected and so amazing leaving me really feeling like I can do anything.

I'm going home with way too many ideas that I'm excited to implement. It was well worth the investment.

I'm walking away with a clear distinct plan for how I'm moving forward in my business...and so confident."
Karen Gibb
CEO of Mind Marvels

Live speakers & Workshops

renae fieck

Renae Fieck

Cycle & Feminine Leadership Coach, Host of the Cycle Advantage Podcast and founder of Your Cycle Advantage.

The community was amazing. I’m walking away with so many amazing connections. 
I definitely want to take the slowness home with me and share that with my kids also, and bring them along the journey of what it looks like to really slow down, pay attention and take care of yourself.
It was a great experience. I loved every minute

-Sarah Rasmussen

Founder of LightPath Coaching

What's the Investment?

*EARLY BIRD* Shared Room

$ 2997 Early Bird Discount Till 6/15/24
  • Shared room (Twin Bed)
  • Live Speakers and Custom Biz Workshops ($1000+)
  • Daily Experiential Transformation Sessions (Value $1000+)
  • Delicious Food and Drinks (Value of $400)
  • Resort Style Accommodations (Value $2000+)
  • Exclusive Swag Bag (Value $50+)
The women that came here were so compassionate and caring. And that community was really created by the activities and this beautiful environment that we were able to be in as part of this event.
Every time you go to a retreat, you learn something. But this time, Renae was able to help me discover things about myself that I didn’t know were blocking me,  that I didn’t know were holding me back.
And so I’m walking away with more clarity and confidence in myself. And then the direction that I’m gonna go from here.
I’m really grateful to have been here and you created an experience that I will remember for a very long time.

-Anna Nichols

Human Design Expert & Business Coach

Questions??? I got ya!

Me: You’ll check in Friday by 3pm. You’ll have full retreat days on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Then check out Tuesday morning. The retreat will be in Malibu, CA.

Me: Your ticket is fully refundable PRIOR to 8/1/24  After 8/1/24, there is a $500 non-refundable deposit. Cancellation within 45 days prior to retreat is non-refundable but can be transferred to future retreat.

A: Friday is arrival day! Plan to make travel arrangements to arrive by 3pm. If you arrive prior to that time we’ll have optional activities for you to help support relaxing and getting into the retreat vibe. 

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will have a variety of transformational experiences, workshops, and implementation time for you to collaborate, integrate, and recharge.

Tuesday is checkout day! Anticipate a breakfast send off and relaxing morning prior to heading out on your travels. Plan to check out by 10am PST at the latest.


A: Great question! Once you’ve arrived at the retreat center, all transportation is included. You are responsible for transportation to the retreat center.

A: There are a variety of airports that are close to Malibu. LAX is approximately 45 minutes away. Burbank is approximately 60 minutes away. Long Beach is approximately 60 minutes away. Santa Monica airport is the closest but small with very limited flight options. 

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