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Scarcity vs Abundance: What You Need to Know with Shawna Scafe

Scarcity vs Abundance: What You Need to Know with Shawna Scafe -46

Mom life can bring you to your knees. We’ve all been there. It seems that taking control is one of the hardest things you can achieve as a mom. Although we crave for more peace and less clutter, it’s hard to put on that “in control” or “minimalistic” perspective when you’re a mom who has to nurse a kid, run errands, clean endless messes..etc. And in the middle of all these, we feel inadequate because we think we cannot fulfill what is ‘expected of us. So many moms/women focus on the so little time we have rather than focusing on what we do have.

Scarcity vs Abundance: What You Need to Know with Shawna Scafe-46

But let me tell you this: You are ABUNDANT. You can do this.

Your life may be chaos on the outside but you don’t have to be chaos on the inside. And that’ why my friend Shawna, a fellow life coach on simplifying life, and I have joined forces in this episode to tell you how you could take back the control in your life and shift to that abundance mindset. (Check out The One Thing that Has Shifted My 2019 to know how I got into a life of abundance.)

Other life-changing stuff you’ll learn in this episode…

  • How Shawna shifted to minimalism in the midst of chaos
  • Practical everyday tools that could help you shift to abundance mindset
  • Determining gratitude practice from false affirmations you tell yourself
  • Overcoming frustrating situations (and a fully-loaded calendar)
  • How creating intention and setting goals is the start of taking control of your life.


Taking the shift doesn’t have to be big. It could be found on the smallest steps you take on a daily basis. You might get intimidated by the moms or people you see online who’s doing big things, and living on positivity. But that doesn’t mean you cannot get to the life you want too by taking those small steps everyday.

“When you start to take control, you will gain more space in your life” 

-Shawna Scafe

Meet Shawna

A mom of three, Shawna is also a life coach and a minimalist. She gave up her career to be a stay-at-home mom with her kids and realized that she never really put much intention in her life. Shawna then started decluttering not only her house, but also her mind and heart too. She turned to blogging, podcasting, and creating courses that help women live more simply and with purpose.

Check out her Simple Saturdays Podcast on


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