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How to Change Your Life Path with Kinsey Machos -119

How to Change Your Life Path with Kinsey Machos

During her young motherhood years, Kinsey was an “achiever” and a “successful career woman” in the lens of today’s social standard. But one day, she realized she wanted a different life and decided to leave corporate to pursue her now-successful passions. How did Kinsey do it?

How to Change Your Life Path with Kinsey Machos -119

Taking the Big Jump

Many of us dream of shifting our life path, but many of us don’t actualize it. And it’s totally understandable. From pre-school years to adulthood, we were taught that society’s definition of success is climbing the corporate ladder, working in specialized professions, being a celebrity, etc. So to be perceived as “successful,” we naturally follow that path, and it becomes distressing when we suddenly get off track. In addition, it is difficult to just walk away from what you’ve worked so hard for. (See also: how motherhood gives us a clean slate.)

But rather than feeling stuck because “this is what has always been”, don’t be afraid to go for a change when you get the feeling to do so!

Because despite following the ‘typical’ path, our journey led us to our decision, or where we are at now. So resenting what you have gone through will only hold you back from redirection.

Understand that we evolve and that our definition of success years ago will be different from our definition of success now and in the future. Because the lessons we learn along the way continue to shape that. So it’s important to lean into your intuition when you suddenly want to shift your life.

In this episode, Kinsey and I will share tips on how we can redirect our lives when it feels daunting. Join us in this conversation!

Other life-changing stuff in this episode…

  • How to redirect your career/life
  • Tips to start your own business
  • How to overcome feeling “less”
  • The importance of embracing your uniqueness
  • Why you should push through when there’s no clarity

“It’s important to make a decision on something and take aligned actions.”

-Kinsey Machos

Have gratitude for where you are right now, but at the same time have that vision of where you are headed and walk through it.

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About Kinsey

Kinsey helps coaches, consultants, and service-based entrepreneurs build their influence, impact, and income by maximizing their visibility online. She helps her clients get known as experts in their industry, stand out in the noise, and attract high-quality clients.


Instagram: @kinseymachos

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