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100th Episode Mash Up: 2020 Life Lessons

100th Episode Mash Up: 2020 Life Lessons

100th Episode Mash Up: 2020 Life Lessons

We are officially going on our 100th episode and I wanted to thank all of you for being with me in this milestone!

Since we are in the middle of our (awesome) virtual party, I have invited several guests to this episode. And these amazing women are gonna share with you some valuable lessons in 2020 that we can use to prepare ourselves for 2021.

This has been quite a challenging year and we all deserve a pat on our backs for making it through! As a result, we are definitely getting out of this year as stronger and wiser moms.

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

Cara Harvey, Chelsea Wessman, Jaclyn Digregorio, Katie Reid, Shawna Scafe, Amy Seiffert, and Toni Ann share with us the following life lessons:

  • It is okay to ask for help.
  • Know what you need and communicate them.
  • Our struggles help us improve ourselves.
  • The best way to reach our goals is to focus on the present and feel good, now.
  • Hold your plans more loosely.
  • Set more realistic expectations and boundaries for yourself.
  • Delegating tasks is not weak; it’s wise.
  • Pay attention to “why” your kids do what they do.
  • Set 5 minutes a day for stillness.
  • Stop overcommitting to things that doesn’t propel you to your goals.

Remember that challenges are part of our lives. But these struggles don’t define us. It’s rather how we rise up to overcome these challenges that does.

Tune in to hear the amazing guests elaborate on their insightful pieces of advice! And if you also want to be part of a community of amazing moms, join us in the Rising Moms Club!


Meet the guests

Cara Harvey

Rising Mom Episode: The Best Time Management and Goal Achieving Strategies


Facebook: A Purpose Driven Mom Community

Instagram: @apurposedrivenmom

Chelsea Wessman

Rising Mom Episode: How Self-doubt Might Actually be Sabotaging your Mom Life


Insta: @chelseawessman

Jaclyn Digregorio

Rising Mom Episode: Stop Getting in Your Own Way


IG: @jaclyndigregorio

FB: @jaclyntdigregorio

Kati Reid

Rising Mom Episode: Finding Rest as A Doer


IG: @katie_m_reid

FB: KatieMReidWriter

Shawna Scafe

Rising Mom Episode: Scarcity vs Abundance: What You Need to Know



Amy Seiffert

Rising Mom Episode: Why Grace Looks Amazing on You


IG: @AmySeiffert

FB: @AmySeiffert

Toni Ann Mayembe

Rising Mom Episode: Hacks for Epic Work-life Balance


Facebook: @realhappymom

Instagram: @realhappymom

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