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Why Decluttering Changes your Finances with Connie Hoffman -107

Why Decluttering Changes your Finances with Connie Hoffman

The Money/Clutter Relationship

Most people are not aware of this, but clutter and money usually go hand in hand. There’s a lot of ways this shows up in our daily lives. For example, we think we are saving more by keeping the stuff with us, when the clutter is already costing us our time and mental clarity. (Check out “What if I need it?” and what to ask instead to create a clutter fee life.)

The money and clutter relationship with Connie Hoffman 107

Clutter takes a lot of our energy, time, sanity, and yes, practicality. And that is why I emphasize so much on how decluttering helps us with budgeting! When we declutter and focus on having less stuff, we become mindful of our spending habits. Like preventing ourselves from buying something just because it’s on “sale” when we don’t really need it!

Aside from budgeting, decluttering also gives us the space and time to budget, and prioritize our finances to do things that we truly desire and need. And money coach Connie is here to join us in this episode to talk about the relationship of decluttering and finances!

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • What are the money blocks in our lives
  • Shifting our limiting money beliefs to abundance mindset
  • Tips to become a practical consumer
  • Letting go “what ifs” in decluttering
  • How to increase finances by decluttering
  • More budgeting tips

“Abundance means having enough.” -Connie Hoffman

We live in a world that constantly tells us to have this or that in order to be successful. But for you to truly be happy, you should focus on what YOU really want and need. Now, what are you willing to let go of in order to have the things that matter the most to you?


Meet Connie

Connie is a mom, wife, podcast host, insurance agent, financial coach. When she started taking responsibility for her finances after some setbacks, she saw how it positively made an impact on her life. And she felt she had to share it to others.

It is her vision to create a world where people are educated with the basics of finances and support them to take control of their money and stop letting it control them. Connie lives her vision by helping others get clean with their finances and shift their relationship with money.


Facebook: @conniehoffmancoaching

Instagram: @chili_conconnie

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