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How to clean the five relationship cobwebs with Erica Wright -108

How to Clean the Relationship Cobwebs with Erica Wright

How to clean the five relationship cobwebs with Erica Wright -108One area in our life that we often disregard to declutter is our relationships. We don’t physically perceive the clutter, yet we feel the constant frustrations, anger, and other negative emotions it brings. For instance, do you always bicker about something? Get bored with each other? Can’t give each other enough quality time? 

Totally throwing away the relationship depends on your judgment, but oftentimes, all our relationship needs is some cleaning!

Dusting off the Relationship Cobwebs

The goal is to transform the cluttered relationship to a connected relationship. That is to say, bringing back the (lost) passion, excitement, and peace with your partner. But, how do we do that, especially when you are a busy mom who is focused on tending to the kids?

The important first step here is noticing the pattern clutter. Problems in relationships are more often not communicated directly. Thus, it manifests in other ways. So notice that there is an ongoing problem in the relationship, and find a way to solve it. Certainly, don’t wait until the ‘clutter’ piles up and that mess irredeemably ruins the relationship!

The Cobwebs

In this episode, relationship coach Erica Wright shares with us how we can declutter the 5 relationship cobwebs.

  1. Clearing out blame, and making space for responsibility.
  2. Replacing control for trust.
  3. Clearing out the complaint loops, and making space for peace.
  4. Replacing resentments for forgiveness.
  5. Clearing out unspoken truths, and making space for transparency.

Now tune in to hear incredible pieces of advice to reignite and maintain your relationship!

Other life-changing stuff in this episode…

  • Spotting a pattern clutter
  • Dealing with kids when you are in the “struggle” phase with your partner
  • How to avoid being defensive
  • Dealing with lingering past hurts
  • Tips to communicate your struggles and needs

“Maintaining honesty with kindness is the key to building connected relationships.” -Erica Wright

Remember that our relationships determine the quality of our life. And that it requires intentionality. So ask yourself, what do you want in a relationship? Or what do you want to create? After that, think of what’s possible in a relationship!

Meet Erica

Erica is a transformational relationship coach and connection specialist. Her work in transformation education space is accompanied by neuroscience, and the study of the subconscious mind.

Erica helps people on heal, transform, and elevate their relationships. Moreover, she teaches them how to create the relationship and life of their wildest dreams so they can live a happy, fulfilled and passion-driven life.


Instagram: @transformation_babe

Facebook: @transformationbabe

Get her special offer for the “Stay or Go” Relationship Clarity Program here.

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