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3 Key Steps to Making Effective Decisions

3 Key Steps to Making Effective Decisions

You make decisions nearly every single moment of the day.

But are you aware of them?

Maybe you pay attention to the big decisions like…how do I position this new offer? Who do I serve? Etc. 

Yet you’re making small decisions all day long.

Do you work out? Do you hit snooze? Do you drink coffee or tea? Do you read a book or watch tv? 

And it may not seem like much but each one of these decisions has the power to shift the path you’re on. 

One small, seemingly insignificant decision compounded over time can change your entire future.

Let that sink in for a moment…

“Most people are living their lives on autopilot. Unaware and unconscious to the micro decisions they are making all day long. As soon as you become conscious of your decisions and then intentional with them, your whole life will change.” – Renae Fieck

Tune in as we dive for this week’s episode and talk about:

  • What phase of the month you should NOT execute/make decisions
  • How to get out of decision fatigue and analysis paralysis
  • When you know something isn’t right for you
  • How to make decisions that are aligned with your intuition and body
  • How the majority of people are living their lives and what you can do that will change the entire trajectory of your life

Ready to learn more?

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  • Terry

    I make decisions (e.g., purchases for our home) mostly not based on feelings but on facts…facts based upon information that others must provide. But when I can’t find the information I’m looking for or the people I’m asking don’t know, don’t understand my questions or are unresponsive, the decision-making comes to a halt. My husband tells me I over-research things but I can’t and won’t move forward in the dark, as making blind choices is what irresponsible people do.

    • RenaeFieck

      I love your perspective. And yes having facts for decisions is important. However, there’s a lot of decision-making that has nothing to do with facts or logic and more about trusting gut and intuition. Not all decisions are rational or logical. There’s no way my life would be where it is if I made all my decisions from logic. Many decisions have been out of faith and trust. If listening to your intuition isn’t something you’re used to, try it with small decisions that don’t feel so weighty first. Then as that muscle strengthens you’ll feel more comfortable integrating it with your logical research and finding the best ways to make decisions for you.

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