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The One Thing That Has Shifted My 2019 with Renae Fieck

The One Thing that Has Shifted my 2019- 038

A year ago I joined into a mastermind.   It was one of the most life changing things I’ve ever been apart of. This is where I learned a lot about myself, my goals, my loved ones, where I want to go, and other self discoveries that guided the huge turning point in my life.

But a huge piece of this mastermind was the community.

The One Thing That Has Shifted My 2019 with Renae Fieck

We were a group of women that met on a weekly basis digitally; we talked about all the things that we’re working through and we kinda held each other accountable on those important things.

But that was about a year ago already, and I haven’t been part of that kind of mastermind class since. As time went by I kinda felt alone.

I felt isolated— like I was doing it on my own.

I knew I could reach out to these friends I made, but there is still something within that community space we created wherein we were all committed, we’re all showing up, we’re all here to support each other, and we have this all-in-this-together sort of an environment.

However, in the last couple of months, I saw myself drift and slowly let the things go. I needed this rest. But I also began to realize how powerful the community was in helping me move forward with my goals.

And then I joined a mind-blowingly scary coaching program and I’ll tell you…just in the past few months of joining this community, I have seen a complete 180.

The Shift to an Abundant Life

I have noticed such a drastic difference in myself because of that community. In this new program, I became surrounded by these people who are all high vibration, who are all high energy. They’re all thinking big things and big goals and they have this sort of abundance mindset.

If you check my Instagram, you would see about a month ago that I posted a picture of the word “abundant” tattooed on my arm. Abundant has become a word that I held onto or my word of the year. But there is this line drawn in the sand that my life has become truly abundant.

“There is even more abundance available to us.” – Renae Fieck

I may not have a multi-million dollar home, or go on big vacations and luxuries, but I know I’m still completely abundant exactly where I’m at. And I believe there is abundance more available to us out there in life— whether it’s in a monetary fashion, joy, love, connection, or others. It is this transition from a lack and victim mentality to this place of really abundant, open, and grateful mindset, that has drastically shifted for me. There is a huge difference between the two. I know I still have to work through on some of my fears, but I knew there has been a huge shift in my life.

“Is This Really All There Is?” to “Life Has So Much More to Offer!”

About four years ago I was asking myself the question, “Is this really all there is?” I came back from vacation saying…. “Heck, No! That is not all it has to offer. There is so much more available to me. I don’t know how it looks like, but I’m gonna do what I can to change where I’m headed— so I’m gonna change my trajectory.”

And you know what, I am flabbergasted at all the abundance and things I gained in my life and my soul since that point of me shifting from the victim mentality. Instead of asking myself, “Is this all that life really has to offer for me?” I now question “what more is there available?” or “how much more greatness is there available?” and I’m just in awe of all there is available.

So yes. This is the power of being in the community of people that want to level up their life. People in a space where they all want to create their dreams. People who don’t settle for feeling like crap. I think so many women are just getting into this place of thinking that motherhood is hard, chaotic, full of responsibilities, etc… And heck yes, motherhood is hard. But it is also so full of abundant, amazing, and wonderful things! So why do we allow ourselves to stay in that negative mindset?

This is for YOU

I dedicated and interjected this podcast episode in here because I want to invite you to step out of that chaotic place.

I am going to create a space for women just like this community I had been. And I would want to share it forward. So I am offering this community for women who are looking to let go of the overwhelm.

The constant chaos, the constant feeling like they’re never good enough, there’s never enough time, there’s never enough for taking care of themselves (like what is self-care even?) And on top of that, this sense of guilt that we’re not taking care of ourselves, or we’re not giving ourselves enough to our family, friends, or community.

This community I’m creating will be for those women— women who want to step out of the victim mentality and into the abundance mentality. This is for the women who want to…

  • …wake up in the morning feeling like they are well-rested, joyful, and they always feel blessed in their life.
  • …sit down and play with their kids and not feel stressed out about the laundry and the dishes.
  • …go for a walk without feeling guilty because they are letting things go, or take a bath alone without feeling that the world around you is going to fall apart.
  • … not yell at their kids and feel frustrated, or want to actually enjoy being with their kids.
  • …feel like they’re giving their best self to themselves, to their spouse, their coworkers, and their friends. And when they go to bed at night, they would feel like a million bucks and have done today well.

So if you’re sitting there and thinking, “I want that. I want to feel amazing, because I feel like there’s so much abundance and greatness available for me.” Then I want to offer you a spot in this beta program.

I will walk you, through this journey towards feeling rested, joyful, graceful, and abundant. There will be coaching, guest coaches, and so much more! YOU will be apart of developing a program that will change the lives of millions of women.

And YOU can get this program for FREE!

Yes, you read it right. We will walk together in those months so you can start your 2020 feeling like it is your best.year.ever.

All ya gotta do is apply over at www.renaefieck/beta.

I will choose 8-10 people from the pool of submissions. The deadline of applications will be on October 8th at 11:59 PST.

I am so excited for this program. I know in the bottom part of me that it will be a life-changing journey for everyone in it. And I WANT  YOU THERE!

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