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What You Need to Know about Your Hormones with Dr. Heather Rhodes

What You Need to Know about Your Hormones with Dr. Heather Rhodes

If you’ve been following the podcast, you might have known by now that our bodies are not designed to have the same level of energy and productivity each day of the month. And everything that happens between Day 1 and Day 28 of your cycle is leading up to a cycle restart. So today we’re going to talk about a variety of things that may impact your cycle: stress, birth control, covid, etc.

We usually take medicines to accommodate certain needs for our bodies. But according to Dr. Heather, there are times when you can accommodate those needs by only adjusting how you show up for your body.

Your cycle as a health indicator

Cycle syncing gives you the benefit of knowing when is your best time to rest, work, socialize, etc. But did you know that it could also give you hints of what’s going on inside your body? There’s especially a lot of nuance health markers when you are ovulating and bleeding. So it’s important to track your cycle!

Period and stress

What You Need to Know about Your Hormones with Dr. Heather RhodesYour body’s primary goal is to keep you alive. And it does so by utilizing stress hormones, which then affect your estrogen and progesterone levels. So the irregularities in your period are symptoms that you are under stress.

But most women don’t realize if their bodies’ are in a fight or flight state. And sometimes, stress do not show up in a physiological state so it’s much more difficult to determine if we are under stress or not.

You can determine if you are under stress by noticing your bodily functions and your cycle. How is your sleep? Do you wake up energized? Are you experiencing brain fog? How’s your mental capacity? Is your cycle long, super short, light, or heavy? Is it coming with massive mood swings, PMS, rage, or insomnia?

Learn more how you can determine your bodily state, factors that affect your cycle, and so on. Join me and Dr. Heather in this informative episode and discover…
  • How stress hormone affects your progesterone and estrogen levels
  • Alternative indicators when you don’t have a cycle
  • How your cycle may be affected by Covid and Covid vaccine
  • How does birth control affect your body and cycle
  • Training yourself to listen to your body

“Your body will respond to the patterns you give it. So in order to embrace cyclical living, you have to combine trust (in your body) and action.” – Dr. Heather Rhodes

Listening to your body is an important skill you have to learn in order to take better care of yourself!

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Meet Dr. Heather

Dr. Heather Rhodes is a holistic pharmacist with a passion for women’s health. She makes understanding your hormones simple and teaches you practical steps for maintaining hormone balance. Her natural approach to healing creates lasting results and symptom relief specifically for PCOS, PMS, Acne, and Fertility. She’s a cross fit instructor, ice cream addict, toddler mom, and adoption advocate!


Instagram: @drheatherrhodes

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