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How you can manage your time effectively with Morgan Tyree - 80

How You Can Manage Your Time Effectively with Morgan Tyree

There’s a lot of advice out there on how we can better manage our time. Some of us find tips that work, but some just falter along the way.

It’s easier said than done. We get it, mama. No matter how hard we try to stick to a routine or time management tip, something just happens along the way and then we go back to being overwhelmed again.

How you can manage your time effectively with Morgan Tyree - 80

Manage ourselves more than the time

But let me tell you this. It’s totally normal to struggle with making schedules. If there’s one great tip for us to remember, that is to be intentional with our time. We need to manage ourselves and priorities first, and then give ourselves space for adjustments. We cannot change the time, but we can change our attitude towards it.

That’s why I invited Morgan, a professional organizer, to share with us tips on how we can be intentional with our time. (See also why ‘not’ having the time isn’t the problem.)

time manageOther life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • How to balance our time as moms
  • Avoiding comparison
  • Tips to help you narrow your focus and priorities
  • Importance of intentionality
  • Identifying your hospitality personality
  • Making time to connect with people

“When planning, give yourself a margin.” -Morgan Tyree

Being able to roll with things is important because no matter how good you plan and stick to it, life just happens.

Meet Morgan

Morgan Tyree is a professional organizer (chaos calmer), writer (list lover), and fitness instructor (exercise enthusiast). She believes in prioritizing and measuring progress one day at a time, while also “keeping it simple.” Morgan lives in Colorado with her husband, David, and three teenagers. She is the author of the book, “Take Back Your Time.” 

Pre-order her new book, Your Hospitality Personality.


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