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How to Balance Work & Mom Life Without Losing Your Mind with Sandy Wessel -81

How to Balance Work & Mom Life Without Losing Your Mind with Sandy Wessel

The Working Mom Guilt

Raising kids is already a big challenge. Adding our career work makes our experience even more challenging. Aside from our draining schedule, the struggle of being a working mom is you have to work to support your family but you also feel guilty for not making enough time for your kids.

How to Balance Work & Mom Life Without Losing Your Mind with Sandy Wessel -81

We feel you, mama. And it’s important that we tackle the dynamics of parenting, work, and life. Because if we don’t, we’ll be caught up in our busy life until there is nothing left of us to give! The kids need us, but society needs us too. And we NEED to set our priorities straight and determine where we can set our boundaries to give time to the things we value the most.

“Put yourself in your list of priorities.” -Sandy Wessel

Join Sandy, host of The Working Mom Podcast, to this episode as we share insights on balancing our work and mom life. (See also why letting go of hustle and embracing slow can change everything.)

Other life changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • How you can maintain The Abundance mindset despite the busy
  • How to say ‘no’ when you find it hard to do 
  • Starting your online business
  • Scheduling hacks for busy moms
  • Why acknowledging your hormonal days are important
  • Setting standards in finding a job

Aside from being a mom, we are also a contributor to our society. But in between those lines, we are also a human who have our own specific needs. We have to step back and put our perspective in order again.

Meet Sandy

Sandy Wessel is a married mother of two, a full time employee outside of the home, and host of The Working Mom Podcast. Her goal is to provide encouragement and resources for all working mothers. She understands that finding the balance is always a moving target but hopes that by sharing her and other women’s stories, challenges, and successes it doesn’t have to be quite as hard.


Instagram: @sandyrwessel
Facebook page: @workingmompodcast

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