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Not Having the Time Isn't the Problem (Solo episode) -68

Not Having the Time Isn’t the Problem -68

At this time of crisis where the world is also filled with so much contention and division, it’s time for us to take a step back and leverage this time to create some unity and reconciliation around the world— and with ourselves!

Not Having the Time Isn't the Problem (Solo episode) -68

It’s Not Lack of Time, It’s Lack of Priority 

TIME is the number one reason people tell me they can’t get things done or can’t do stuff that they enjoy. And right now, we are in this place where almost everyone has way more time than they have before. But when you go online, you still find people feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, or not doing enough. It’s like there’s this invisible pressure or weight that burdens people in this situation. (Check out how to uncover joy in motherhood).

But when you think about it, before the crisis, we told ourselves we ‘can’t’ do other things because we did’t have the time. And now that we do, we’re finding different reasons for why we still can’t do things.

“It’s not lack of time. It’s lack of priority.”

In this episode, I’d just like to highlight how we tend to use time as our scapegoat. We often say we don’t have the ‘time’ when we mean it is not just our priority. Now that we have this change in time and structure, it would be wonderful if we use this as an opportunity to look at our lives, realign with ourselves and what matters to us, set new intentions, and make a plan for our new goals.

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • How to use this time to evaluate things in your life that do and don’t align with your values 
  • Assessing outside expectations versus what your actual priorities are
  • How to declutter your mind and surroundings
  • Creative ways to use this time for personal growth
  • Activities for your family and kids during quarantine
  • PLUS some home schooling tips

At this point, everybody’s norm is thrown out the window. Everything is changing, and we should be too. There’s so many wonderful things that can rise after this if we make the conscious effort to improve our lives. I am looking forward to seeing you rise above this situation, too.

So tell me, where do you want to focus your life right now?

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