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The Road to Self Love with Paul Fishman -79

The Road to Self Love with Paul Fishman

The Road to Self Love with Paul Fishman -79

More often than not, we’ve been conditioned to think femininity is associated with weakness. This leads to confining women to specific roles, primarily to just being a “good mom”.  As moms, we all have dreams,  but we often lose ourselves in the process. We are afraid to go after the things we want because we are unwilling to shake up our realities to make better ones.

Self-love is our strength

As moms, we have dreams, and we often forget that we can still pursue our personal dreams without compromising our responsibility to our children.

To achieve our dreams, we actually have to love ourself first— which is very difficult for some of us to do. In the process, we need to let go of societal expectations, get super clear with who we are, and live everyday as that human. We must also learn to appreciate and embrace the feminine energy in all of us.

“Self-love is getting devoted to your individuality.” -Paul Fishman

I invited Paul, a self-love coach, to discuss with us the things we need to remember in our road to self-love. (Check out the questions you need to be asking during uncertain times.)

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • Why is it hard to love ourselves
  • Overcoming our fears
  • Owning our flaws
  • The big tell-tale sign of lacking self-love
  • Step by step guide to self-love
  • Affirmations to tell yourself in the mirror

If you are here, the universe is giving you this message for a reason. There is no better time to start your journey towards self-love than right now. And most importantly, you have to do it for you.

Meet Paul

Paul Fishman is a self-love coach, business mentor and you-do-you activist. He hosts the top rated podcast “The Road to Self Love” and has been lauded for creating safe space, compassionate courses and a community that is warm and welcoming. Helping people gain confidence is his passion.

Know more from his website

Instagram: @paulfishman

Take his self-love quiz here.

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