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How the four phases of your cycle impact your body with renae fieck

How the Four Phases of Your Cycle Impact Your Body

Ever wondered how your cycle impacts your life beyond just your mood for a week or so of the month?

In today’s episode, we’ll talk about the details of your cycle— what the different phases are, the highs and the lows, and how you can leverage them. Most women have been conditioned by negativity surrounding their cycles and would really rather not have it. Yet it is actually one of the most efficient life hacks to unlock your potential. It’s crazy to see how most of us don’t have that much awareness of what’s happening inside of us. And yet what’s happening inside affects so many aspects of our lives. And it’s about time we change that!

The Two Main Phases of the Cycle

The outer phase is characterized by a lot of outward flowing energy. It’s when you feel really good about doing your tasks and connecting with other people. Then the inner phase is your inward flowing energy that wants you torecuperate and recharge. So you have one half of your month when you can be social and productive. And another half of your month when you ‘should’ focus on reflecting and restoration.

If you are a business owner, there are a lot of experts telling you that the power in growing a business is found in consistency. But what happens when you don’t feel like being on social media? How do you remain consistent in showing up on social media when social media is the very thing draining you?

There will be days when you feel like putting yourself out there… and then there will also be days when you feel like shutting yourself off from everyone.

And it’s okay because our bodies require both of these energies.

“The key to success is no longer forcing yourself to hustle all of the time. Instead, it’s strategically scheduling your tasks according to when it’s your best time to perform them.” – Renae Fieck

The two main phases are each broken down into two parts:

The Outer Phase

  1. Accelerate Phase. Ambitious women loooove this phase. This is when you feel so great, productive, and energized. It’s the time when you can check off all your to-do lists and feel good about doing them. Most of the time we want to stay in this phase because it feels rewarding and wonderful.
  2. Connect Phase. It’s the time of the month when you are ovulating. So your body feels magnetic, lively, and attractive. It’s when you feel the most engaging and articulate in communicating. It feels great to connect with other people, do a photoshoot, dress up, date, etc.

The Inner Phase

  1. Reflect Phase. It’s when we feel moody, irritable, PMS-y… and you likely dislike this time. But what if we looked at it differently. This is an incredibly powerful time of your month. This is the time of the month when you feel most connected to yourself and your emotions. It’s a great time to reflect on what needs to stay or go in life. It’s also a powerful time to let your creative juices flow.

However, if this time feels like a roller coaster, take it as a hint that something needs to shift.  This is the best time to write content for your business! This may be a time of the month that you structure in more self-care so that you’re not feeling as irritable or overwhelmed.

Another thing about this phase is that your progesterone (a primary pregnancy hormone) is predominantly produced. So I consider this time best for ‘nesting’ type tasks. You might get the same amount of energy as in the Accelerate Phase, but it is directed inwards. It’s the optimal time for organizing, decluttering, and sorting your home and life so you feel sane and grounded.

  1. Recharge Phase. This is when your bleeding starts and is the day 1 of your cycle. Your primary focus on the first three days should be recharging, no matter how that looks like for you. It could be just laying on your bed, going for a walk, or even ordering take out if you have to. Whatever it is that would ‘restore’ you as you hit that next phase. Recharging is essential. And inadequately recharging in this phase will limit your potential during your next accelerate phase. That’s why rest is necessary and using your cycle as a guide transforms it into being guilt-free. 

Take the advantage

How the four phases of your cycle impact your body with renae fieckCan you see how each one of these phases have power behind them? Isn’t it amazing how your body has a guide so you can feel balanced and help you perform at your highest peak? And each of them allows you to fill your cup in a different way!

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