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How to achieve your 2021 goals with Renae Fieck -103

How to Achieve Your 2021 Goals

Launching towards 2021

2020 has been a wild year so let’s celebrate ourselves for making it to 2021! This is a good time to reflect on the lessons we have learned last year and use them to make ourselves stronger and better for this year.

And one of the things that we can learn from the challenges of 2020 is to be grateful of the small things in life. I know it’s a tough year to be thankful for, but it also tells us to be more appreciative of the small things in life. The things we have taken for granted, or the things that we thought will always be there.How to Achieve your 2021 Goals with Renae Fieck -103

Aside from reflecting on our lessons, this is the month where everybody’s setting new goals and intentions. And personally, it’s one of my goals to help you, and more moms, to reach their dreams and become the moms they’ve always wanted to be.

It’s important that we are clear with our vision and end goal. This way, we become more intentional in taking steps in life. We then commit to actions that push us forward to the direction where we really want to go. (Check out the best time management and goal achieving strategies.)

“If those dreams are there in your head, you are then capable of making them happen.” -Renae Fieck

Join me in this episode as I share tips on how we can set goals and achieve them!

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • Why you should dream big
  • The importance of thinking outside the box in goal-setting
  • The first steps to take on gearing towards your goals
  • The importance of micro steps in achieving big dreams
  • Facts about our bodies you can take advantage to achieve goals

Remember what you focus on becomes your reality. Your actions will gear you towards those goals if you focus on them. Even if it’s a long-term goal or a goal that has yet to happen.

And I firmly believe that no matter the challenges that comes our way, we can rise above it. So let’s welcome 2021 with a stronger and hopeful outlook! Cheers!

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