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Tips for a Super Summer with the Kids

Summer is quickly approaching! I can feel it so close! I want this summer to be slow and intentional and yet so refreshing and restorative.

Finding activities to do with the kids is always my weakness. I love to do them,  I just don’t want to plan them. Which is why I love the Kids Night in Box Kits, and why I made a calendar of activities for the summer. Summer can be the most glorious season of the year, or turn into absolute chaos. I’d like to choose the former. How about you? Make sure you download my summer activity calendar at the end too!

Start the summer with a plan

It’s so easy to just embrace the nothingness of summer….the sleeping in, the no homework! The days can quickly turn into weeks and then months and then voila it’s back to school season already.  But starting the summer with a plan can give some intention to your summer.  What things do you want to do? What do you not want to do? Do you want to spend 3 days a week just vegging and spend one family day doing some thing fun? Do you want a beach day or a trip to the library to be a part of your weekly routine? Vacations? Camping? Just get an idea of what your expectations for the summer are and make sure to communicate that with your spouse and family so you’re all on the same page.

Schedule in Fun

I know it doesn’t sound like anything new. But if we aren’t paying attention, we let ourselves fill our calendars with all the to-do’s and we forget to simply enjoy. Maybe you campout in the living room or roast smores in the backyard. Or maybe you just plan a game night. Fun doesn’t have to be grand to be meaningful and memorable. And honestly, my kids love spontaneous.  Even if it’s something I have planned out, the surprise and spontaneity just lights them up. So maybe have a few ‘Surprise Saturdays’ throughout the summer when you make it an event that they get to wake to a fun unknown Saturday adventure.

Watch out for the “stuff”

Flamingos, pineapples, watermelons, all the completely adorable stuff is in season! #target gets me with all the cuteness. Be mindful of what you bring home and what you need. All that extra stuff can add to the stress of cleaning, sorting, and tending to later in the fall. Focus your time this summer on quality time rather than accumlating more stuff. You’ll appreciate it later. And if you need more help with clearing out some clutter this summer, check out my 5 Steps to Break Free From Clutter.

Focus on the little things

Your kids don’t need exotic vacations or to be enrolled in every summer camp or activity to have an amazing summer. What your kids need most is your attention and intention.  The quality time you spend together making memories of late nights on the lake or camping in the mountains are the memories they will treasure forever.  If your days are filled from sun up to sun down, you won’t have time to marinate in all the amazing moments that can occur throughout the summer.

Skip the shower

Did you read that one twice? What I mean is, enjoy the mess of summer.  The sand in the hair, the watermelon stickiness on the cheeks, the dirt under the nails….it all says so much summer. Obviously, I don’t mean you have to skip the shower but maybe loosen up the “clean” standard for summer. Maybe allow yourself to get a little messy too.

Do something for you

So many times the summer focus is on the kids. But I want you to make sure to invest a little in yourself. Maybe you read one of my must read books, schedule in a little self care (here’s over 50 ideas!), or maybe a date night in. Find something that’s going to fill your cup up a little.

Oh and don’t forget to subscribe to my insider’s list and I’ll send over my summer activities calendar download. (Along with other fun tools, resources, exclusive offers, etc.)  These are the calendars my kids and I will use to add a little more intentional fun into our days this summer. Let me know if you use any of the ideas!

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