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Summertime Activities for Kids (in a box!)

How do you measure your kids love tank?

Do you have a kids love meter? Something you use to tell when your kids are feeling a little low on the love tank? For me, it’s usually crazy behaviors. There’s high tension, they’re getting on my nerves cause they are not listening, leaving things a mess, fighting with each other, etc. I admit I’m not great about recognizing it right away but as soon as I do, I make sure we do “special time.” Special time was something we used to do on the regular but it didn’t get established as a life habit so it’s consistency in our life ebbs and flows. Special time doesn’t have to be tons of time, a day out, or a

special treat. It can be as simple as 5-10 minutes of focused, fully present play with them. And it’s always 1:1.

Summertime activities made simple

With summer coming, I know the craziness in my house may rise if I’m not intentional about some special time and being present with them.  I’ve started working on a calendar/list of easy creative things to do over the summer (I’ll share it when it’s finished!) but I’m so excited to have these Kids Night In Box activities to do each month.  I often want to do fun things with the kids but I don’t always have the capacity to plan it. With these, the planning is done for me and it’s just pure joy and fun.

This is the 2nd one we’ve done and we laughed so hard and had so much fun! All the tools were included, the ideas were done, all we had to do was have tons of fun!

Kids Night in Box

It was full of painting, book reading, lemonade and animal crackers, animal yoga, and tons and tons of laughter!


Let me know if you try them out! And let me know if you have other ideas for summertime activities! I’m sure we’ll need them.

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