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Becoming a Yes Mom with Renae Fieck -132

Becoming a YES Mom with Renae Fieck

Don’t Say No

Have you been saying “no” to your kids so many times? (if not most of the time). Because it’s easy to default to ‘no’ as a mom. And as an occupational therapist, I discourage using the word ‘no’ as much as possible and encourage to find other ways to say it. Because saying “no” connotes a (negative) limitation that affects the relationship and growth of our kids. On a side note, saying “yes” doesn’t just make our kids happy, but it makes us feel good as moms too. (See also: how to get your kids to sleep).

 Becoming a YES Mom with Renae Fieck -132

Now I want to cultivate becoming a yes mom. I want to be that mom that my kids could go to and feel positive and comfortable. Especially when one of our family’s core values is making memories. Saying “yes” may be difficult because of the added “mess” and the “limited” time we have, but it’s possible to say yes to almost anything— it’s all about how you say it!

Another myth of saying yes is that we are “spoiling” our kids. But saying yes means building better connections with our children by being creative with how we communicate with them. For example, instead of saying ‘no’, we could tell our children that yes, they can have that next time, or if they do something else first (like washing the dishes).

Because saying yes (with boundaries) to our kids is more impactful in shaping our children’s growth than saying no.

Join me in this solo episode as I share ways to say YES that will empower you and your kids!

Other life-changing lessons in this episode…

  • Creative ways to say “yes” when you want to say “no”
  • How does saying yes empower us and our children
  • How can we hone ourselves to become a yes mom
  • Why living in the present makes you a yes mom
  • The advantage of intentional living more than living slow

“Becoming a YES mom means living in the present”. -Renae Fieck

This is not just saying yes to the kids. It also means saying yes to ourselves, especially that the latter is much more difficult to do so. Thus this is a reminder to practice saying yes to yourself and practice more self-care. I want you to live a yes life and perceive life as amazing and full of possibilities!

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