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Empowerment through Spiritual Self-care with Cherie Burton -119

Empowering through Spiritual Self-care with Cherie Burton

Empowerment through Spiritual Self-care with Cherie Burton -119As we have learned from the previous episode, us moms are expected to do a lot of things. And if you are following this podcast, you’ve probably heard a lot of coaches say that doing ‘everything’ is counter-intuitive.

We usually overwhelm ourselves and then we end up seeking a bunch of self-care tips. Some of them work and some do not, depending on each of our needs. In today’s episode, wellness coach Cherie will share with us another form of self-care that you may not have considered. And it involves nourishing ourselves spiritually!

Why do we need spiritual self-care?

For one, the spiritual self is our inner alignment and the one thing we can manage when the world around us becomes chaotic. And when we fulfill ourselves spiritually, we can easily focus, release overwhelm, and nurture others. Because if we feel fulfilled inside, we can fill the cup of those who need us, like our children. (See also: how to gain more happiness.)

Self-care through meditated energy doesn’t need to be complicated. And it could even be as simple as focusing on your breathing! Through meditated breathing, we manage the flow of our emotions, anxieties, and other tensions that usually get stuck inside of us. Once our breathing becomes smooth, we unstick our lives, clear our minds, and empower ourselves.

This is just one of the few spiritual self-care tips that Cherie and I will talk about in this episode. So tune in!

Other life-changing stuff in this episode…

  • How to nurture your inner environment
  • How self-care empowers our children too
  • Apps for meditation to help with anxiety
  • How inner alignment improves conflict resolution
  • Why decluttering is a form of spiritual self-care

“Whatever you need to do to cultivate feeling good, do that.” -Cherie Burton

Remember that our five senses are our feel-good portals. So we need to be intentional with what we feed the senses that affect us subconsciously. Let us nourish what we’re looking at, smelling, tasting, touching…etc

Decluttering helps with nurturing your senses by clearing away your visual clutter or noise. So check out our available resources to start your decluttering self-care!

Meet Cherie

As a mom, Cherie did a lot of writing, speaking & coaching for women. The prospect of generational mental illness manifesting in her kids led to a “mama bear” uprising, wherein she roared and slashed her way out of traditional, clinical treatment models—ones that hadn’t fully healed any of her clients or loved ones. So she dove into integrative methods and natural tools for cleansing, biochemical support & sensory integration. And at her 14-year-old son Noah’s suggestion, she started teaching other mothers. She also believes that God blessed and steered her on an amazing path of facilitating leadership development & natural health solutions that have expanded her Blue Rose Wellness organization, globally, to many thousands strong.


Instagram: @cherie.burton

Facebook: Cherie Burton: Women Seeking Wholeness

Ger her free healing kit here!

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