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How to lose weight for good…Ditch the diet myth

ditch the diet

Experts say that 90 percent of people who go on “a diet” will gain back all of the weight they lost. But even more than that, they often gain back more weight than before they started. Yikes! With the pace of our society, fast food around every corner, and so much confusion regarding the next “fad diet,” it’s no wonder that losing weight and keep the weight off can be such a struggle.

But what if it wasn’t about the weight? What if you could transform the way you thought about food and weight into how you want to FEEL? You know, that feeling you get when you live long enough to walk your daughter down the aisle or hold your grandkids for the first time. That feeling when you can go play baseball with your kids without feeling wiped out or just feeling sexy and confident in your swim suit and skinny jeans. And let’s not even talk about exhaustion…do you know that roughly 2 out every 5 people would say they are tired each day? Is that you? Would you want to wake up each day feeling like you had a restful night of sleep, and don’t hit that 3pm wall where you’re grabbing a cup of coffee or candy bar?

Trade in your “diet” mentality and replace it with a LIFESTYLE. I want you to succeed for LIFE!

What’s your end goal? Where are you headed? Is it getting back into a pair of jeans you’ve been dying to wear again? Or is it wanting to feel confident in who you are? Trade out your diet myths. There’s no trick. There’s no perfect way. Healthy nutrition, exercise, and believing in yourself…consistently…day in and day out are the only proven methods to get you to your goals.

So let’s replace some of these myths with truths and get you to GOAL ACHIEVED! Shall we?

– Snacking leads to weight gain

– Eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day can help keep your metabolism going and blood sugars stabilized. And, because you won’t be ravishing for food at the next meal, you’re less likely to gorge out on more food than you needed.

– Losing weight slower is healthier

– The key isn’t how fast or slow you lose weight, but using tools you can sustain to KEEP the weight off. If it’s something you feel like you could do forever, then go for it. But if you feel like you’re torturing yourself and in total deprivation mode….it’s not going to sustain.

– Eating more fruits and veggies helps you lose weight

– This is a tricky one. Because YES fruits and veggies are so great for you, but if you’re still eating crap foods at other times, you’re still not giving your body the nutrition and fuel it needs. Your body NEEDS good nutrition to run at it’s optimum. Most of what we eat is FAR lacking. For me, drinking Shakeology each day is one way I’ve been able to ensure I’m getting nutrition that my body needs.

– Genetics determine my body type

– While genetics do play a huge role into our body’s shape and sizes, with consistency and the proper tools, you can make vast changes you never thought possible before despite what your genetics may tell you.

– Eating less calories will make me lose weight

– At a quick glance, yes. Eating less calories will help you lose weight. But what you choose those calories to be comprised of is the TRUE determining factor as to whether you lose weight. For example, eating a handful of potato chips is roughly 150 calories but a little over a handful of carrots is only 25 calories. When you are eating nutrient rich but calorie low foods, your body gets the nutrition it needs, you feel full, and you have consumed less calories than a crappy bag of chips.

– Drinking more water will make me lose weight

– Again, yes! Water is ESSENTIAL for your body. You need water and lots of it. And drinking enough water can help your satiation. So many people misinterpret thirst signals for hunger signals. But if you aren’t fueling your body with healthy, and nutritious foods, no matter how much water you drink, you won’t lose weight in a sustainable way.

Did you sense a theme? If not, let me give it to you simply….

Ditch the diet.

Eat for life. Eat RICH, nutritious foods that fuel your body from the inside out. Giving it the energy it needs so you aren’t exhausted. Be consistent. Exercise. And watch your life transform!

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