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A letter to my daughter

Letter to my 6 year old daughter.
Today you told me you wanted to kill herself because you were no good and couldn’t do anything. And that your heart was turning black. First off I have no idea where the idea of doing such a thing even came to you. Or why cleaning up your crayons spurred on the meltdown. Something deep in your soul is aching.
So, let me share with you, why I think you would do the world a grave disservice and why I think you’re wrong.
You were made perfect. Every hair on your head, every freckle on your nose. Your life has meaning. You have a purpose. we don’t know what it is, but it’s going to be great. You may have inherited my lack of rhythm but you can swim like a fish. I may get upset with you because of all your crazy concoctions and experiments, but that creativity and imagination may invent something that will save lives some day. Don’t stop. Don’t stop being you.
The world will tell you that you aren’t good enough. They’ll laugh at you. They’ll say that what you’re doing is foolish. But there’s only one you. And you are the only one that can carry out that purpose. Without you, the world will lack.
Use the hate and resistance to fuel your fire and grow in the belief of who you are and who you were created to be. Celebrate you. Celebrate what you can do and work your booty off to conquer your fears. Embrace your failures because it means you are on the path to achieving greatness. Never settle for who the world tells you to be. You were made for greatness dear child. Know it. Believe it. And live it!
And beyond all that…know that you are loved. Loved beyond measure. And nothing can conquer that.

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