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How to Make Massive Growth Fast with Millie Barra

How to Make Massive Growth Fast with Millie Barra

Ever feel like at times there is an invisible glass ceiling that you just can’t seem to push past?

Or notice that sometimes you just get triggered and snap and have no clue where it came from?

This last week I’ve had a lot of life pieces I’ve been juggling.

  • My NICU co-worker has been out so instead of working 1-2 shifts a week I’ve been covering 4.
  • The kids got out of school (plus 2 graduations Kinder and 5th grade).
  • I’ve re-created and upgraded Your Cycle Advantage and created brand new content for our members
  • AND….just booked our YCA 2023 retreat in sunny San Diego (if ya want the deets, just send me a message! It’s going to be awesome!)

So with all of this life happening and my littlest throwing a bedtime meltdown, I lost it.

I was so triggered and angry because my threshold was at running high.

After working with Millie for the last few months around removing money blocks, I’ve become more and more aware of how emotions I experienced years ago are STILL inside my body and impacting the way I show up today.

Yes, the meltdown and life crazy contributed to me feeling triggered, but there were so many other layers I’ve had to shed and remove to reach my next level in business and in life.

Join me in this amazing episode to learn why it is essential for you to take time to slow down and reconnect with your body.

Our special guest, a stay-at-home mom turned holistic practitioner, will share exactly how you can break through to your next level and achieve balance by recognizing and releasing emotional and energy blocks.

Listen in to learn inspiring tips on how you can unbusy your life so you can be more productive in running your business and enjoy life more.

Stay tuned to learn these life-changing lessons from today’s episode:

• How struggles and challenges ultimately shape the person you are today, the reasons for your resistance, and how you can move forward to overcome
• How to be more mindful of your emotions and how they can impact your future
• The power of the subconscious mind vs the logical mind and why “thinking” your way to success isn’t going to work• Understanding energy blocks and emotional charges: what causes them and how they can affect you in life
• The ‘Power of the Pause’: a holistic approach to unbusy your life as a mompreneur
• More powerful tips to achieve balance, be more productive in your business, and enjoy life more



Millie Barra is a Holistic Practitioner and Mom Mindset Coach.

As a former elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home mom, she started her healing journey to understand the reasons for her anxiety and overwhelm in motherhood.
Millie takes one step at a time practicing mindfulness and energy alignment.

She advocates educating other working moms to shift from the emotional overwhelm and find the calm in the chaos.

Connect with Millie Barra:

Instagram: @milliebarra


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