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Using Your Voice to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Heather Sager


Using Your Voice to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Have you ever considered what really makes your business different and stand out from the rest?

How do you help your clients in a way that NO one else can?


Lessons from the Past

Recently an Instagram memory popped up and I sat looking at my old videos and photos makes cringing. 

I looked awful.

Stumbling over my words, black bags under my eyes, and hideous filters (that honestly at the time, I probably thought looked great!). 

Oh my gosh, and to think  I went live looking just like that! 

I can only laugh now at how I actually posted some of the most depressing images of myself.

Over the last few years, I’ve kept one thing consistent….I keep it seems messy, and I keep moving forward.

Now I see how far I’ve come.

I’m grateful for that weird filter girl because she got me to where I am today…


“It’s empowering to be able to stand out, be unique and speak a little bit differently than everybody else.”

Renae Fieck


I’m excited to introduce our special guest for today’s episode.


I am sure you will find inspiration in her story of how a shy little girl has overcome her doubts and fears to discover her unique gift and purpose.


Speaking Coach Heather Sager is that girl, and she is now set on a mission to empower others in finding their own unique voice, too.


Dive into today’s exciting episode to grab more nuggets of wisdom to transform you and the way you run your business.


Join me and Heather Sager to learn how you can use your voice to give your business a unique edge over your competitors. 


Know the common mistakes business owners make in trying to attract and connect with their clients to establish their brand position.


Gain powerful tips to increase your confidence level in building your target audience, harness the power of communication by increasing your competency, discover your unique zone, and build the proper mindset and mastery skills so you can leverage your business and create value for your clients.


And ladies, as a BIG bonus, if you’re looking at boosting your confidence…


Understanding your cycles can really help you determine the best time for you to show up so you can be magnetic and confident.


So, if you are prepping up for a speaking engagement, planning to speak on podcasts and make your reels, or meet up with an important client, your cycle phase holds the key!


Tune in to find out more.


Here are the keynotes from this episode:

  • Discovering your ‘unique zone’: What makes you stand out from your competitors and how to leverage your skills
  • Understanding the Confidence-Competency Loop: Life-changing tips on how to increase your confidence level
  • How your cycle’s Connect Phase is key to bringing out your zone of genius so you can show up more magnetic and confident
  • Common mistakes business owners make when trying to create a brand and attract an audience
  • Presenter Mindset vs Marketer Mindset: Understanding the ultimate difference to give value and create impact for your clients
  • The 4 powerful things you should master: How you can leverage your business and empower your clients

“As a business owner, if you want to make an impact, you have a duty…to educate others to make an empowered decision. Otherwise, you’re potentially turning them over to the wolves.”Heather Sager


Heather Sager is a speaking coach and trainer who helps online entrepreneurs clarify their message, share their unique personalities in their storytelling, and attract their ideal clients. 

Delivering more than 1000 presentations on stages globally, coaching hundreds of business owners, and serving as an executive at a startup that scaled and sold for $161M, Heather’s seen firsthand how learning to be a masterful and authentic communicator can be anyone’s golden ticket to making an impact while smashing your business and life goals.  

These days, her virtual programs, top-rated podcast, and real-talk approach to coaching leverage long-term, intentional strategies to help you overcome fear, perfectionism, and procrastination — so you can show up as your boldest self whenever you need to rock *any* platform. 


Connect with Heather Sager:

Podcast: The Heather Sager Show


Instagram: @theheathersager

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