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Creating Your Vision for 2024

Do you ever catch yourself scrolling through your social media feed, looking at what everyone else is doing, and thinking, “Wow, that looks amazing—I want to do that too”? 

This is the time of year that so many start setting new years goals yet most people are missing out on the key ingredients that will 10x your likelihood of achieving those goals. Before you set your new year goals or intentions, listen to this episode to discover this key missing step.

“This is the missing step that most people are taking. They’re forgetting to come back and reflect on where they will come.“ Renae Fieck

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It’s about knowing where you stand, where you want to go, and building the roadmap that takes you there.

Dive in our 100th episode as I talked about:

  • Most goal-setting strategies are missing this one key ingredient 
  • The biggest thing that kept me stuck and limiting my business growth
  • How to create a new year plan that actually sets you up for success
  • The impact of establishing clear intentions and achievable goals 

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