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When life doesn't go the way we planned with tracy steel -96

When Life Doesn’t Go the Way we Planned with Tracy Steel

When Life doesn't go the way we planned with Tracy Steel -96Do you remember the time you first learned that you were going to be a mom? Were you excited? Nervous? Happy? No matter what those feelings were, I think we could all agree that at some point we had an idea in our minds of what mom life would look like. We planned it out, we promised to be the perfect mom that we could be, and we imagined it full of love and cuddles.

And then…reality strikes. We didn’t expect that motherhood would actually be chaotic, stressful, and frustrating.

You can turn that around

Although we cannot prevent any challenges and mistakes from happening, we can control how we perceive and react to those road blocks along the way. And we can only do that when we allow ourselves to feel it, learn from it, and move forward. We have to let go of expecting certain outcomes.

And guess what? Those mistakes, failures, or challenges are not the end. They are redirections. They give us the opportunity to learn, rethink our decisions, pivot our lives, and try again.

“There is no perfection. It’s going to be what you make of it” -Tracy Steel

Join Tracy and I in this episode as we share insights on how we can move forward when life doesn’t go the way we planned! (Also check out amazing life lessons learned on the road.)

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • How social media shapes our unrealistic expectations
  • Practical steps to avoid negatively comparing ourself to others
  • Factors that affect your attitude to challenges
  • How failures and rejections teach us to be more empathetic
  • PLUS home design tips to give yourself more mental space

Remember that everyday we have the chance to reset our lives. Allow yourself to fail and make mistakes because that doesn’t make you any less. In fact, the knowledge and strength that you gain from it makes you more valuable!

Meet Tracy

Tracy Steel graduated from Kansas State University with a BS in interior design and has a master’s degree in biblical and theological studies from Phoenix Seminary. Moving from one type of interior design to another, Tracy then worked in full-time youth ministry, serving as the director of female students at Scottsdale Bible Church. God’s true design for Tracy now involves improving the interior space of the hearts and minds of women around her. This military wife and mother of two enjoys speaking at women’s ministries events nationwide and serving women in the Phoenix metro area as the Associate Women’s Minister at Scottsdale Bible Church. Tracy is also the author of A Redesigned Life: Uncovering God’s Purpose When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned and Images of His Beauty.


Instagram: @tracymsteel

Twitter: @tracymsteel

Facebook: @TracyMSteelMinistries

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